About Pyrogravure

Pyrogravure is a helpful resource for anyone who is into wood burning and tools that help you create artistic stuff. Stuff that’s actually beautiful and can even be functional too.


You will find how-to guides, product reviews, informational posts and almost everything related to wood burning here. I and my team will make sure everyone from a beginner to a pro level pyrographer gets help from our content.

Our Aim

Helping everyone from newbies to pros fall in the love of creating artist stuffwith wood burning

Our Story

Back in the late 90s, I was very curious about how artistic things can be made using patterns that are created on wood by just using instruments that essentially burn the surface of wood. My dad and also a few of my friends would often pursue wood burning as a hobby and I also wanted to delve in. 

I would enjoy little tasks like figuring the safest way to perform lichtenberg wood burning since its very risky or maintaining the nibs that perform the craft we do. Through Pyrogravure, my aim is to reach more and more people with a quest of helping them make that perfect choice and fall in love with wood burning. 

I had a lot of issues finding the perfect set of tools for my craft in my early days. I have been through the pain of not knowing what a nib is and what is the best wood burning kit.I and my team wish to lend a helping hand to those that want a decision on the basis of proof and tested tools. Pyrogravure can be your hobby blog or a blog that inspires you to go and build your own stuff, read our DIY guides and reach out to us.

We will make sure you make something unique.Through the last many years, I have helped a ton of kinds and pros on the small nuances of cutting the slack and getting work done. The sheer pleasure I get from manufacturing a functional object is something that can’t be matched. 

At Pyrogravure.org, I and my team aim to churn out everything I know from my years of experience of doing projects for big brands, creating artistic pieces, training other people and the numerous expos and a ton of industrial tool exhibitions I’ve attended. So if you’re into making stuff, you need to bookmark us because wood burning is just the start. There’s a lot to come!

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