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Written by Jared Watson

Jarred Watson is a pyrographer with 10+ years experience and has worked with brands like BOSCH & FORD. He is always looking to learn and share his passion of wood burning with others.

From precision tips to ergonomic handles, stamps for wood burning are always an investment in your wood burning projects. I’ve compiled a list of the top stamps for wood burning on the market, based on my personal experience and research. I will also provide you with a buying guide to help you make an informed decision when choosing a wood burning stamp for your next project.

Which is the Best Wood Burning Stamp ?

Walnut Hollow Number and Symbol is the best wood burning stamp due to its precision tip, ergonomic handle and wide variety of symbols and numbers included in the set. It also has a heat-resistant handle and safety stand for added safety.

When picking stamps for recommendation in my list, below are a the key factors that I considered in the process:

Tip size and shape: The size and shape of the tip determine the level of precision you can achieve with your wood burning projects. Smaller tips are great for detailed work, while larger tips are better for covering larger areas.

Handle design: I only chose the stamps with an ergonomic handle since they provide a comfortable grip, especially if you plan to use the stamp for extended periods of time.

Temperature control: Wood burning stamps need to come with adjustable temperature control. It allows you to adjust the heat to the appropriate level for the type of wood you are working with.

Best Wood Burning Stamps

Walnut Hollow Uppercase Alphabet Stamp

Best Uppercase alphabet stamp

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  • Multiple Tips
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to handle

Walnut Hollow Number and Symbol

Best Wood burning stamp

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  • Variety of symbols
  • Precision tip
  • Ergonomic handle

Walnut Hollow Mini Lowercase Stamp

Best lowercase alphabet stamp

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  • Great Precision
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to use

Pencil and burning have a more polished and finished appearance. In fact you can apply wood finish for more polished appearance. As a result, you may effectively do modest jobs with little work and time. Using Stamp is one method to achieve this without the extra labor of locating patterns and transferring them. They have multiple usages from using the final product as your nameplate to creating a customized gift for near and dear ones. They make for a really good gift and something that’s easy and very much pocket friendly.

Walnut Hollow - Number and Symbol Stamps set
  • Company: Walnut Hollow
  • Material: Wood, Leather
  • Shape: Heart, Square, Numbers and Symbols
  • Item Dimensions : 0.38 x 0.5 x 0.62 inches

Many surfaces may now be customized with your name or initials. Each metal letter is sized specifically to accommodate a Walnut Hollow Hot tool. You only have to screw the letter into the branding tool, let it heat up for some time, and then mark your surface. 

These wood burning needles (tips) may be used with care on various surfaces, including paper, card, plastic, cloth, leather, nuts and gourds, despite being intended for branding wood.

The letter stamps come in different widths and are around 5/8 inches tall. The letters ought to be removed when they have had time to cool. If you need to unscrew something when it’s hot carefully, use the pliers. 

When unscrewing, avoid bending the threads since they might break off. For any DIY enthusiast, the Walnut Hollow HotStamps are the ideal product. You may add your unique touches to your projects with Walnut Hollow.

My Opinion

I am really impressed with the Walnut Hollow Number and Symbol stamp set from my personal experience. The precision tip and ergonomic handle are easy to use, and the wide variety of symbols and numbers included in the set make it versatile. It’s perfect for personalizing projects and the heat-resistant handle and safety stand for added safety.

Walnut Hollow - Uppercase Alphabet Stamps
  • Company: Walnut Hollow
  • Item Dimensions : 0.38 x 5 x 8 inches
  • Shape: Uppercase Alphabet

All common threaded Walnut Hollow Hot Tools are compatible with interchangeable Walnut Hollow Hot Stamps. Use pliers to swap out the Hot Stamp when the Hot Tool has cooled. Use this simple-to-use metal Hot Stamp set to add your touch to creative creations. 

Add words and phrases or monograms to various surfaces, including wood, paper, plastic, cork, cloth, and more. Ideal for creating unique craft items, decorations for home décor, or personalized presents.

The set includes all capital letters from A to Z and is around 5/8″ tall; each letter’s width varies. Create creative patterns using the letter stamp, or personalize any item by adding your name, initials, words, or phrases. During use, screw thread adds security and safety. To replace heated letters with other letters or tips, use pliers.

My Opinion

I recently experienced using the Walnut Hollow Creative Versa-Tool at a friends workshop and I felt they are the best wood burning alphabet stamps. The tool has multiple interchangeable tips for various wood burning techniques,so I could be creative with my projects. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and easy to use, making it a pleasure to work with.

Walnut Hollow Mini Hotstamps Lowercase Branding Set
Walnut Hollow - Mini Lowercase set
  • Company: Walnut Hollow
  • Material: Metal
  • Item Dimensions : 0.5 x 5 x 8 inches
  • Shape: Lowercase Alphabet

You may adorn gourds, leather, and wood surfaces with this metal wood burning stamp. The 26 lowercase letters in this set range in height.25″ to.40″, are a-z and contain a & sign. Any Walnut Hollow tool may be installed, including the 38283 Versa Tool, 24414 Detailer, and 5570 Value Wood Burner. 

Use these HotStamps to add names, initials, phrases, quotations, and more to your creative creations. Screw thread increases security and safety while in use. Use the pliers to swap out the hot letters.

My Opinion

In my opinion when I was getting a placard ready for my grandparents house, I had big trouble finding lowercase stamps since most of them were not precise, I think these ones are very precise. The alphabet set is easy to use and the letters are easy to read. It has great precision and the heat-resistant handle that air safety.

Walnut Hollow 41004 HotStamps Lowercase Alphabet Branding and Personalization Set
  • Company: Walnut Hollow
  • Size: Multiple sizes based on letter
  • Material: Clay
  • Item Dimensions: 0.5 x 8 x 5 inches

Walnut Hollow (41004) stamps are compatible with all commonly threaded Walnut Hollow Hot Tools. Use pliers to replace the Hot Stamp with some other piece or tips. Use this easy-to-use metal wood burning Hot Stamp set to give your artistic works a personal touch. 

Wood, paper, cork, fabric, and other materials may all be customized with inscriptions, phrases, or monograms. Perfect for making distinctive crafts, home décor accents, or individualized gifts.

My Opinion

I feel Walnut as a brand builds great products for wood burning artists. The alphabet set is easy to use and the letters are easy to read. It has great precision and the heat-resistant handle and safety stand for added safety.I would recommend this alphabet set to anyone looking for a high-quality and easy-to-use wood burning alphabet stamps set.

BIAJIYA Custom Logo Wood Branding Iron
  • Company: BIAJIYA
  • Size: 2″x2″ Inches
  • Shape: custom wood stamp
  • Material: Wood

Custom made wood burning stamps, Branding irons and marking tools are designed and produced by BIAJIYA Industries, Inc. is a full variety of robust, trustworthy, and cutting-edge products. Create a metal mold with your brand to make a lasting imprint on your creation. It may be used to brand cakes, gild leather, wood, plastic, paper, and other materials.

You may test it on any discarded material before using it for the first time. You can turn the switch to continue heating if the desired result is not obtained. It simply requires a few minutes of usage above an open flame, after which you may mark the material of your choice.

My Opinion

I always love when brands offer customization facility in their products so you can make use of the tools as per your choice. The set by Biajiva is well-organized and easy to follow, with clear instructions and beautiful illustrations. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pyrographer, this set can be a great boon for making awesome custom stamps.


Buyer's Guide

When looking for a metal wood burning stamp, there are a few key factors to consider to ensure you find the best product for your needs.

Material: Look for stamps made of high-quality materials that will hold up well to heat and frequent use. Stainless steel and brass are both durable options. consider the material it is made of. High-quality materials such as stainless steel or brass hold up well to heat and frequent use. Avoid stamps made of cheap or flimsy materials as they may not last as long and may not give you the desired results.

Size and Design: Consider the size and design of the stamp, as well as the size of the wood pieces you will be using it on.Choose a stamp that is the appropriate size for your projects and has a design that you like. Avoid stamps that are too small or too big for your projects or that have a design that doesn’t suit your needs.

Handle: A comfortable handle is important for ease of use and reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use. Look for handles that are made of heat-resistant materials, easy to grip and have a good ergonomic design. Avoid stamps with handles that are too small, flimsy or uncomfortable to hold.

Temperature Control: Some stamps come with temperature control features, which can be useful for working with different types of wood and for achieving different burning effects.

It will also allow you to adjust the heat level according to your preference and the type of wood you’re working on. Look for stamps that have a wide range of temperature control options, and avoid those that don’t have any or have a limited range of options.

Additional Accessories: Some brands include additional accessories such as different tip sizes for detailed work or a stand to hold the stamp while in use.

In short, when looking for a wood burning stamp, consider the material, size and design, handle, temperature control, and any additional accessories it comes with.

Our Verdict

The Walnut Hollow Numbers and Symbols wood burning stamp set is an excellent choice for both functional and decorative projects. The set includes all the tools necessary to create unique and personalized art pieces or gifts. The new design is particularly effective and the variety of numbers and symbols provides ample options for creating your own designs.


If you are a beginner or just someone who wants a customized art piece in the form of stamps, you should definitely have an end goal in mind since it is easy to get overwhelmed. We discussed options which had mostly letters and symbols. You can even customize your options by getting in direct contact with the manufacturers who will make special orders based on your requirement.

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