Best wood burning stencils – 20 templates to beautiful designs

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Written by Jared Watson

Jarred Watson is a pyrographer with 10+ years experience and has worked with brands like BOSCH & FORD. He is always looking to learn and share his passion of wood burning with others.

This article features a curated list of twenty best wood burning stencils that are perfect for creating designs on wood. Whether you’re an experienced wood burner or just starting out, these stencils make the process of creating intricate patterns, shapes and designs effortless. Mentioned Stencils offer a wide range of options for all skill levels, making it easy for you to achieve the desired results.



When curating the list of products for the best wood burning stencils, I considered the following parameters and rated the results to pick the top 20 out of the 35 items:

Material: I made sure the stencils are made of durable and heat-resistant material that can withstand the high temperatures of a wood burning tool.

Design: I know the reader’s taste can be subjective and thus considered stencils that offer a wide range of options.

Flexibility: I picked stencils that are flexible and can bend to conform to the contours of the wood surface. This ensures a lot of room to play around.


YUEAON 12 Pack Letter and Number Stencils is the best option available for they offer a wide range of options, durable plastic material that can withstand high temperatures, reusability, and different sizes. 

20 Best Wood Burning Stencils

I have selected a list of 20 best stencils for wood burning that are creative and will appeal to masses. You can use them freehand and don’t even require much experience using them.

Sunflower Stencil – 13 Pieces

Made with wood, plastic and metal, this gorgeous-looking wood burning stencil lets you paint sunflowers images in diverse shapes, designs and sizes right on that surface. Clear lines and smooth edges allow the color to precisely spread on the paper and form an art just as an imagination. The pack contains a total of 13 pieces and is one of the high quality metal stencils available. This can easily be the best DIY stuff to gift a friend and those who are new to wood burn designs.  

If it is a college assignment and you want to set an impression with creative writing, Movisea letter stencils with calligraphy[1] font can be the best fit. The set of 45 pieces caters to almost every alphabetical need you might be having for your project. A single piece carries both small and big figures which will give you a wide range of wood burnt designs. It is one of the finest lettering stencils. 

Another best wood-burning stencil which may give a queer touch to your project is here. The pyrography stencil carries big and small letters ranging from alphabetical to numerical. Other number sign are also available on this six-piece set. The dimension of a since the piece is around 7.3 x 6 inches, approximately an adult kid’s hand size. 

Forest Deer Mountain Stencils – 9 Pieces

If you are fond of wildlife, this forest-themed mountain wood burning stencil may touch your heart. The style of this stencil has a glimpse of mother wildlife and nature, presenting nine different themes in nine pieces. Each piece comes in 11 x 11 inches in size, making them good enough to give that wall a desirable big print of some wild and nature and you could even create sign on wood using them. As the wood will be treated to heat during burning, the designs would be eye pleasing once finished. 

This stencil can’t be missed if the cheers of Christmas are around the corner and you happen to love pyrography. This stencil carries a beautiful cute glare of deer, Santa, Christmas tree, cookies, hats, bells and much more. Simply put them on the surface and paint to access an instant image of your favorite thing on Christmas eve[2]. A single piece can be used for a wide application as it is made with wood that doesn’t easily wear or tear. 

Insects are the best medium to interact with nature, and if you also want to use a portrayal of butterflies, dragonflies, bees or other beautiful insects for your upcoming project on nature. Of course, you will love putting your fingers on these letter wood burning stencils. A single pack carries 20 pieces, each representing the different species of insects you want to see which can also be used as signs for a project. 

Letter and Number Stencils – 36 Pieces

Letter and Number wood burning stencils are an ever-popular choice and never-ending too. And if you often require number stencils for your project, this one could be a nice catch. However, the alphabets and numbers provided on 36 pieces in total are small, but you can access almost all designs, signs and fonts here. This can be a great help for people who have recently found interest in pyrography.

An inspirational word stencil could be an ideal gift choice in case you are short of some creative ideas. The pack carries 16 pieces, each with the dimension 11.02 x 11.02 inches and a lovely message that you will be allowed to print any time, anywhere, using any colors that could pass through these wood burning stencils.  

Thankful, Sweet, Family and Love! These are some of the most beautiful words on earth that genuinely touch whenever they are visible. And if you adore something similar in your stencils, this pack by CZONG has come to entertain you. Alongside some good words, you access some other creative images ranging from stars and flowers to make print awesome and get going by wonderful signs on wood. 

Fish lovers can’t fail to give these stencils a quick try. This pack of 9 contains nine different images of fishes that look awesome to the vision when some paint is poured on the surface of each masterpiece. Each stencil has been nicely carved using laser technology, saving effort and time during the painting task. 

Forest Wolf Stencils Mountain Forest – 9 Pieces

With a decent size, 11 x 11 inches, each stencil carries a wonderful glare of wildlife. These wildlife stencils for wood burning feature wolves in different themes and styles, which feels like a whole story of the jungle has been carved on these pieces of wonders. Mountains and hairs of wolves, each detail is inspiring on its own. When you burn these designs over wood, you will definitely fall in love with pyrography. 

Here comes another masterpiece for forest wolf lovers. In total, ten pieces, the stencils represent a wolf. They are sometimes on the mountain while other times are defining stories of themselves. With a decent dimension of 11.02 x 11.02 x 0.2 inches, it can help you create art for the house wall with a creative splash color. It can get little intimidating when you go and burn these designs since they can appear complex but it will get easier with time. 

American Flag Stencil – 14 Pieces

Americans or US lovers will love keeping this amazing thing along with them. After all, the pack equips 14 official marks of America[3] that are valuable itself, and now these are about to add value to your DIY project. From the eagle, flag or the country itself, you will access almost every belonging of America carved on these pieces. 

YUEAON 12-pack letter and number stencils

This stencil set is made using sustainable materials. It is adaptable, secure, recyclable, robust, and washable. Different Letter and Number Stencils are included in the 12-Pack collection. The top of each stencil has a distinctive code that makes it simple to identify. This stencil is practical to use. It is packaged neatly and cleanly. To reduce friction between stencils and prevent easy damage in shipping, each stencil is separately wrapped in a bag.

Another best stencil on the market includes the Zonon flower stencil template. These flower stencils may be made in preparation for producing holiday presents. When you are through with your artwork, send the presents to your friends, family, and other people as gifts for Christmas, the New Year, and other events. It may give you vibrant patterns on the gifts.

Each spring and summer stencil template is made with a hole at the top that can be closed with a brass ring after use. This feature may save you time and effort and is practical for use in daily life. The set includes one piece of the open metal ring in addition to 16 pieces of flower drawing stencils in various designs, including sunflower, rose, leaf, bird, and more.

The stencils for the sunflower and rose are made of premium mylar. They are flexible but strong and laser cut from thick mylar. After using, cleaning is simple. These are long-term uses that you may put to use in various projects. The open ring is composed of high-quality metal that won’t easily shatter or deform and will last a long time. The reusable flower, bird, and leaf stencils may be used for a broad range of do-it-yourself projects, including wood signs, painted crafts, and home décor.

DLY LIFESTYLE 16 Pieces Inspirational Word Stencil Set

It comes with a collection of 16 inspiring phrase stencils for wood burning for painting or sketching. The size of each stencil is 8×8 inches. These inspiring phrases are a wonderful complement to your crafts and home furnishings. These stencils are constructed of premium materials. Translucent 25mm PET material[4] that is also dishwashing and food safe.

Avoid using stencils that are thinner and of poorer quality. It is mostly used to design your distinctive project using a selection of many creative cursive fonts. graphics and templates for many occasions, like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, celebrations, anniversaries, and many more.

They are also wonderful presents for any event. Stencils are laser cut from durable PET material that is environmentally safe and has the perfect flexibility for painting on various surfaces, including wood, glass, cloth, canvas, chalkboards, furniture, and more. Spray paint, chalk, and acrylic paint may all be used with stencils. And best of all, cleaning them is simple!

Still looking for more designs ? I think it’s time you should switch to my free wood burning patterns page, where I have over 30+ wood burning designs and too for free!

Lewtemi 6 Pcs Mixed Letter Number Metal Stencils

You will receive 6 pieces of wood-burning stencils for wood burning that come in a variety of designs, are beautifully packaged, and are made with high-quality materials to meet your needs for engraving, crafts, everyday décor, and more. The metal wood burning stencil is suitable in size and weight, measuring around 14 x 8 cm (or 5 x 3 inches) and having a thickness of about 0.5 mm (or 0.02 inch). This makes it easy for you to hold, store, and carry.

These letter engraving templates are attractive with a variety of lovely numbers, symbols, flowers, letters, and geometric features. They use a hollow form that is new in design, elegant in appearance, and perfect for your DIY creation. They are constructed of stainless steel and are thoroughly polished, giving you a smooth and comfortable sensation when you touch them. They are also sturdy and resistant to breaking or deforming. They are also reusable so that they may serve you for a very long time.

BENECREAT 4PCS 4x7 Inch Mixed Letter Number Metal Stencils

These stencils are sturdy, made of stainless steel and reusable. It is best wood burning stencils for beginners, hobby enthusiasts and professionals. It comes with four pieces of metal stencils. The letters are smooth on the inside. The stencils are thick and are great for scrapbooking, leather burning, wood carving and burning, pyrography, drawing shapes, engraving, and crafting. You may use it with paint on cloth and wood to add some fun details.

Reolan Letter Stencils for Painting on Wood

In this set of 42 letter stencils, there are 212 designs spread between 2 typefaces and three sizes. It has all capital and lowercase letters, numerals, and the most typical signs. A full collection of letter and number stencils are included for painting on wood and walls. It comes in three sizes and two font styles to accommodate your demands for various things. Additionally, they are made to be used as reusable stencil templates so that they may fulfill your display requirements.

With these stencils, you can tweak the words and numbers to make whatever craft you desire, saving you a ton of time. Apply them to flat surfaces by painting with a brush or spraying with a sprayer. They are simple to store and reusable.

All stencil templates are constructed of superior grade mylar material, washable, reusable, tear-resistant, and difficult to damage. This material ensures the flexibility and longevity of the stencil. Cleaning them with soap and water is simple. Since they are laser cut and have no sharp edges, kids may safely use them. When used, they will suit the wood or walls better than they would if they were constructed of a more robust substance, giving your artistic product a more conventional and organic appearance.

The flexible and enduring PET material created this letter stencil set. They may be applied to nearly any flat surface thanks to their smooth surface, including paper, wood, cloth, burlap, canvas, glass, rock, metal, cement, floors, tiles, furniture, and walls. Three sets of letter stencils are included so you can always express your artistic talent. They work well for various projects, including wood signs, posters, invites, t-shirts, advertising, packaging, house and party decorations, and more.

Huahui 10 pcs Reusable Deer Stencil

You will receive ten pieces of deer stencils with one open ring in various patterns, including woodland deer, deer head, mountain deer, birthday deer, hollow layered deer, and more. These designs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the demands of your various projects.

These excellent mylar deer tree wood burning stencils are laser cut, strong, flexible, bendable, and constructed of premium mylar[5]. The reusable stencils are easy to use for a long time, have a fine sharp line, no bleed-through, and are straightforward to clean after use.

This reusable forest animal deer painting stencil only requires that you lay it out on a flat, spotless surface, tape it to the area of your project with painter’s tape, and then use a pen or brush to paint the pattern on the project that you want to decorate. After you’ve finished, peel off the deer template to reveal your lovely crafts.

Things to look for when buying a stencil

It would be best if you were careful when selecting patterns, designs, and stencils to utilize in your woodworking as you start your search. Typically, there are two things to remember:

  • Your skill levels
  • The wood

Always pick a design concept that is within your realm of expertise. If you are new to the craft, you should go for simpler and less intricate designs. It’s preferable to leave anything with microscopic details, like intricate lines or a lot of shading, to more experienced woodworkers.

Consider the amount and type of wood you’ll also use for your project. In general, you should choose a design that complements the wood well.

While avoiding too much empty space, it should allow a naked border to surround the artwork. In any case, you don’t want to wind up with a design that is much too big or tiny for your wood.

You may occasionally find inspiration in the wood you intend to utilize. A nice illustration is a piece that appears to have water ripples; this might be your inspiration for making some water scenes. One of the first things you will do while studying the trade of pyrography is to learn how to make a stencil. To transfer patterns and designs more simply, you must ensure that you comprehend the procedure.

How to use a stencil?

Once you have chosen your stencil, now its time to understand how to wood burn and use the stencils. You first need to imprint the art using a wood burning tool. Let’s learn the steps.

Tip:  If you try to touch the wood burning tool directly to the stencil to save time , you will melt the stencil and this can cause fire so avoid doing that. Before beginning, make sure the surface of wood is smooth and doesn’t have any dust particles over it. 

  1. Place the stencil over the piece of wooden plaque and position it the way you want your design to be. If the design is tight on measurement then use a ruler to make the marks
  2. Stick the stencil using tape on all four sides. 
  3. Trace the image using a carbon lead pencil or an erasable pen. 
  4. Just open two sides of the tape to check if the design has been well traced out on the wood
  5. Depending on the complexity of your stencil design, choose the wood burning tool and the burning tip over thinner edges first and slowly move towards curves which are usually the hardest.
  6. If the tip of your wood burning tool has a pointy side and a chiseled side then you can lean it to create a shading pattern. While the pointy side can be used to make poke marks


I hope now you are well aware of the multiple types of stencils and the way to choose them as per your end result. It’s practice that will enable you to create intricate patterns and complex designs. Whether you’re an experienced wood burner or just starting out, these stencils offer a wide range of options for all skill levels, making it easy for you to achieve the desired results. Never shy away from asking for help or just comment your query down here.


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