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Jarred Watson is a pyrographer with 10+ years experience and has worked with brands like BOSCH & FORD. He is always looking to learn and share his passion of wood burning with others.

The BurnMaster Eagle Pro is a powerful and versatile tool for woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. It offers precision and control for tasks such as wood burning, soldering, and hot knife cutting. In this article, we’ll review the features, performance, and durability of the BurnMaster Eagle Pro to help you decide if it’s the right tool for your needs.

Is Burn Master Eagle Pro a good pyrography tool?

The Burn Master Eagle Pro is a versatile and powerful tool that offers precision and control for tasks such as wood burning and hot knife cutting. It’s built to last, with a durable construction and high-quality components. It comes with safety features and accessories, and is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty making it a great tool for any woodworking or DIY enthusiast.

When reviewing the Burn Master Eagle Pro, there were several key parameters that were considered:

Power and temperature control: temperature adjustment gives versatility in a project. The Burn Master Eagle Pro has a range of temperature settings which meant it’s great for different tasks and materials.

Quality and Durability: I had to see how durable the construction was and if the tool had quality components.

Safety features: Safety is the key when it comes to wood burning tool.Thankfully the tool comes with safety features like an on/off switch and an ergonomic design to prevent hand fatigue.

Warranty: Considering a tool with manufacturer’s warranty means it will protect your investment in case of defects or problems.

Burn Master Eagle Pro Review

Burn Master Eagle Pro Review

The Burn Master Eagle Pro[1] is an uncompromising set that comes with all kinds of essential items that will enable you to perform the wood burning art efficiently. It offers flexibility, convenience and high-quality wood burning. 

What's Inside the Box?

In the box, you will find:

  • Eagle Pro Burner- It is a 130 watts transformer that comes with a heat dial with a switch to help you toggle between two pens and a power switch.
  • Two Wands/Pens- It allows you to create a design on the wooden surface with heat.
  • Pen Holders- It mainly enables you to store the pens after using them.
  • Screwdriver- It can be used for screwing and unscrewing the tips from the pens.
  • 15 Tips- Hot wire tips will allow you to create your preferred designs on the wood. These are wrapped with a label, and it makes it easier for you to reorder the tips. Use these tips for texturing and detailing flat burning, wood carvings, gourd art[2] etc.
  • Case with pockets- You can store the pen tips and other accessories in an organized manner in the pockets provided. 
  • Two adapters and Power Cords- The adapter helps you to connect the transformer to the electrical source with the help of power cords.
  • Manual book- The handbook comes with instructions on using the wood burning set with safety precautions.

Things you should know

Find a detailed review of the BurnMaster Eagle Pro described under different parameters:


The Burn Master Eagle Pro seems to be an upgraded version of various other pyrography kits. It is versatile as it comes with fifteen different pen tips. 

It only means that you can create all sorts of designs on the wooden surface using this kit. 

It works cost-effectively, helping you get started with the best pyrography art forms. 


Get one of these when you’re ready to expand your options and improve the caliber of your work. The Burn Master Eagle Pro is a powerful, high-quality pyrography pen that you’ll love upgrading to.


This pyrography kit excels more than most other devices in terms of durability. In addition, its pen is of top-notch quality. The burning tip is carefully constructed, having thick cross sections of solid copper on the attachment side. They work nicely with the pens and deliver the intended results.

For Whom This Product Is Best Suited For?

This product can prove to be beneficial for both experts and beginners. With its set of 15 tips, this product makes it easier for you to create the preferred designs on the wooden objects skillfully and efficiently. They can be ideal for a variety of projects like texturing and detailing the wood carvings, gourd art, flat burning etc.

Heat Retention

Perhaps, this one is the hottest product you have ever used. The typical temperature range for burning with this specific burner is between 2 and 5. For shading portraits and detailed pictures, you might want to burn at a 2 to 3. For darker burners like lettering and silhouettes, you can burn at a 4 to 5.


The tips’ ability to hold heat while on the wood is something else you might want to keep an eye out for. When a burner tip contacts wood, it often loses heat. Nevertheless, once the burner’s tips make contact with the wood, it holds heat incredibly effectively. As a result, you won’t need to make as many adjustments after you figure out the heat setting you want to burn on.

Tip Selection

This specific set includes 15 tips, all of which are composed of heavy-duty thick wire. Additionally, because the tips’ bases are composed of copper, they will transfer heat more effectively. You’ll like the variety of tips in this bundle as well. The choice is appropriate. There are calligraphy tips, ball tips, shading hints, straight edge tips, and more. They are also quite strong. As long as you don’t misuse them excessively, of course, you’ll think that these suggestions will endure a very long time.

Ease Of Switching Tips

The only aspect of this burner that you won’t particularly like are the tiny screws that keep the tips in place. You must wait until it has cooled, hold the wand with your hands, unscrew the tips, replace them with fresh ones, and then screw the tips back into the wand. 

Changing tips requires too many steps. Now that this specific burner has two wands, switching between them is more straightforward. When you’re ready to burn, you may preload two tips you know you’ll use and then use the switch on the front of the machine to alternate between them. However, this burner is the most difficult to swap tips on compared to the other burners you have already tested.

Quickness Of Heating and Cooling

The tips immediately become hot and also cool down quickly. It heats the dial setting in a matter of seconds and cools in about a minute. Your productivity will increase, and changing tips will be much simpler as a result of your device’s swift heating and cooling. Once more, it’s one of the hottest burners, and if you get this package, you won’t be dissatisfied with the heating capabilities.


On Amazon right now, the Burn Master Eagle Pro Wood Burner Kit costs roughly $300. It’s one of the most expensive kits available. But with this set, you get a lot. The number of tips you receive is 15, which is the best content you will find in this package. It could cost the same or perhaps a bit less if you compare it to another kit plus all the additional tips you need to purchase to reach a total of 15.

This package also includes a case, which is a handy extra if you need to carry it about with you. Having a case is helpful as it makes the entire kit extremely portable.

Stand Out Perks

The main perk of this kit is that you can use the wands from other brands too. This is a unique feature of the product. The Burn Master Eagle Pro’s compatibility with several other brands’ tips and wands dramatically widens your choice of tips while retaining the incredible power of this device. In addition, this burner’s heat retention is exceptional, and you can do anything with it if you combine it with a Razertip or Colwood wand.


Overall, the BurnMaster Eagle Pro comes with an amazing heat retention capacity that’s its USP alongside industry standards features which makes for a perfect choice for budget friendly beginners and even professionals. 


As you may have known by now, Burn Master Eagle Pro is a very versatile wood burning tool. Its features, capabilities, performance, and durability are at par with industry standards. It can be highly preferred by professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts, providing precision, control, and versatility in their work. The tool is built to last, comes with safety features and accessories and is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.


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Burn Master Eagle Pro

The BurnMaster Eagle Pro is a powerful and versatile tool for woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. It offers precision and control for tasks such as wood burning.

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