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Dremel VersaTip Butane Torch is an ideal electrical tool for wood burning, shrinking, cutting, heating, and soldering. This is Dremel’s one of the best devices that can be controlled at various temperatures as per the needs. It is a versatile device as it offers melt, cut, solder, shrink, burn, and remove. This product is available on many online sites. All the information about this product has been given below. 

Is DREMEL VersaTip (2000-6) worth it?

Dremel VersaTip 2000-6 has some limitations with its run time. The toolset is easier to carry in the soldering bag for those who are using it regularly. A butane can is always required for refilling. Despite some shortcomings of this tool set it is secure and stylish. One can use it securely and smoothly.

DREMEL VersaTip (2000-6)

DREMEL VersaTip (2000-6) ​

Dremel VersaTip (2000-6)[1] provides six different accessories for six different applications. It allows one to use it at various temperatures that may help to finish any DIY project. Different materials are given for cutting, shrinking, burning, heating, and soldering. For the child’s safety, it has a lock mechanism that can prevent any accidental release of gas. Dremel VersaTip (2000-6) is an ideal product for any creative project.

The ideal soldering torch is applicable here as creative projects require precision and versatility with portability. The different interchangeable tools are appropriate for different heating applications like welding, pyrography, paint removal, heat embossing, and more. As this product consists of liquid butane gas thus it can be used anywhere anytime. The most important thing is its variable temperature may help you to do any creative project or work at the appropriate temperature. 


Whenever a product comes into the market people usually become puzzled about whether it would be appropriate or not while other people take a chance. Here some of the reviews of the product are shared to remove the confusion. One such user has shared his experience with this product in the review section.

According to him, the product amazed him when he used it as soldering iron. The metal wire can help to melt small portions and the corded tool is fascinating that can simply be used like a pencil due to its thickness. This product works amazingly for melting. 

The Dremel VersaTip is one of the most convenient tools for STEM[2] creators, makers, and DIYers. The price of the tool is a little bit more than other brands. It can be recommended for its versatility, easy usage, portability, and controlled temperature.  

According to some people, it’s worth the money as it can be easily used in small areas, for its little torch, different tools in one, and more. Many people have been using this tool regularly. Some of the customers said that they brought a three-piece set. 

Now it has become an integral part of any cosplayer, electrician, and woodworker because of its versatile quality. One such customer said if there is one tool that is mostly needed for the profession, this is the one. He is highly satisfied with this product and recommended those who are about to purchase this product or are confused. 

The Dremel VersaTip can be considered a great product of its genre. According to a woodworker, wood burning works amazingly. It finds its niche in the soldering application. For heat-blowing applications, electricians have found it a more attractive tool to carry as a quicker option. It also offers plumbing applications that are light weighted. 


In brief, it can be said that despite having some shortcomings, Dremel Versatip review accelerated positively because of its stylish and trendy design. You can be happy with the toolkit.

Use case

Dremel is delighted with a little product that is Dremel Versatip that can help people in any household and craft projects. Here we will discuss the usage of each product individually. First of all, the Dremel VersaTip 2000-6 kit is a toolkit, an in-one gas torch, soldering iron, a pyrography pen, and more. The six tips are – the soldering tip, hot knife, cutting knife, reflector, hot blower head, and flat wide flame head including soldering tin, and a sponge box that is handy for hot tips while putting solder into or changing. One can use all these tools for various purposes like welding, pyrography, paint removal, heat embossing, cutting, melting, shrinking, and more.

When it comes to applications of Dremel VersaTip, it can be said it has several uses. The name versa itself suggests its versatility. The soldering tip is ideal for soldering jobs. The cutting knife is not sharp. When the knife is combined with heat from butane it becomes excellent for cutting nylon and wood. 

Dremel VersaTip – Torch 

Start with the first important part: removing the soldering tip. This is the point where you can screw different tips and that heats up. The flame guard is made up of silver and covered with a ceramic insulator. This is where the flame comes from and it gets hot soon thus users must be cautious here. The child safety lock is given that is attached to the trigger. The flame can be controlled with a knob and fuel tank. You will have a filling valve. To fill the valve you need to hold it vertically. 

Dremel VersaTip – Soldering Tip 

The torch takes a few seconds to heat up. Medium flame is appropriate for soldering[3] silver or gold jewelry. The electrical tin should not be used on any precious metals. VersaTip does not require electricity thus it is perfect for DIY projects when the electricity is turned off. After using it you can use a drop of water to clean it. You can also stand the torch if you don’t want to use your hands. Any small electrical components and wires can be connected. 

Dremel VersaTip – Hot Blower Head 

A hot Blower head helps to keep the joint safe and neat. If you are doing any electrical job, you can use the head to heat-shrink the tubing. It is appropriate for heating plastic or shrink wraps otherwise you can use the reflector that may help you to deflect the heat around both sides of the wire. 

Dremel VersaTip – Wide Flame Head

This tool is ideal for paint stripping. A wide flame is given to be projected to the open flame. 

Dremel VersaTip – Cutting knife

A cutting knife is one of the most useful tools. It is ideal for cutting nylon rope, plastic sheets, cords, laces, or webbing straps. It helps to cut materials smoothly and save the end from fraying. 

Dremel VersaTip – Hot Knife 

The hot knife helps to give a wedge-shaped tool. It can be used on plastic. Generally one can use it on anything where he needs to apply a bit to heat. 

The entire tool can be used for 45 to 90 minutes maximum. As it is cordless, no electricity is needed. When you will start the opening temperature will be 12000, hot air 680. 5500 is preferable for all. The hot air is 1256 degrees F while the wide tip blower is ideal for surface paint removal. 

A brief guide about how to use it for wood burning

Have you tried various times to create pyrography to make your wooden art piece or personal gifts but failed every time? Now you don’t need to worry. Follow the beginner’s guide to move in the right way. We will guide you to make your wooden piece with the help of Dremel VersaTip. 

Before creating anything you need to have the ingredients that are required. Let’s start with wood burning. The cordless tool set 6 in 1 gas torch is ideal for pyrography, hot cutting[4], soldering, and so on. The six different tools are the soldering tip, hot knife, cutting knife, reflector, hot blower head, and flat wide flame head.

You will get a tin along with a sponge box that is handy for soldering projects. As per the quality of your wood, you can set the temperature for the best result. Before starting the project you should all the different tips and temperature settings on scrap metal. But you should be aware of safety.

To burn wood with a Dremel Wood Burning Tool or butane powered tool you should make yourself safe first. As you are going to burn wood, an outside environment is needed. You have to make sure that the workplace must be clutter-free and that no highly flammable metal should be there. To protect yourself you can wear an eye protector, hand gloves, and a dust mask. These will help you to prevent dust infections and any fumes. Tie your hair or bun it or keep away loose clothes. Although a safe lock is provided for kids it is suggested to keep them away from them. 

Find out all the tools and attach them according to the order. The tips and the flame guard get heated within a few minutes thus users must be careful while using the tool. Users should avoid putting the plastic cap back until the VersaTip gets completely cool. You will be provided with a versaTip filling up sample. You need to fill the bottle with liquid butane gas. Hold it securely and insert the nozzle of butane into the tool. Follow the instructions for the butane you are using. When the tank is filled, a little bit of gas will start to escape from the valve. 

The gas-burning tool is not ready to use. To turn it on push the blue button up to enable the trigger down and ignite the flame. If you hear a whistling sound, the tool starts to heat up. To turn off the tool, push the button right. After completing your work keep the hot tip off on a surface to cool down. It may take approx. 20 minutes. 

It needs a little bit of practice to be used to. You can try it on a small piece of wood to feel what kind of temperature is a perfect and controlling knob. For instance, softwood burns faster thus you can use moderate temperature. This pyrography technique will help you to enhance your knowledge and efficiency in pyrography. 


The Dremel VersaTip 2000-6 has some limitations with its run time. The toolset is easier to carry in the soldering bag for those who are using it regularly. A butane can is always required for refilling. Despite some shortcomings of this tool set it is secure and stylish. One can use it securely and smoothly. It may take 75 minutes to be refilled on low which will be heavier for users while it may be inconvenient for others to fill it a couple of times in a day. If it comes to security issues, everything whether in the shop or at home should be kept secure. 


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DREMEL VersaTip (2000-6)

Dremel VersaTip Butane Torch is an ideal electrical tool for wood burning, shrinking, cutting, heating, and soldering. This is Dremel’s one of the best

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