35 Free Wood Burning Patterns | Printable pyrography templates

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Written by Jared Watson

Jarred Watson is a pyrographer with 10+ years experience and has worked with brands like BOSCH & FORD. He is always looking to learn and share his passion of wood burning with others.

What can improve your house aesthetics better than burnt wood designs? For beginner pyrographers, you can begin printing free wood burning patterns and beautify your workspace, wood burning project, parlor, kitchen, and every room of your house and office. 

These designs captivate the eyes and attract the attention of all your visitors. These patterns are the perfect stencils you can to make your pyrography artworks. Just print them out and using graphite paper, imprint and start creating your first art.

35 Free Wood Burning Patterns

All the 35 wood burning patterns are shared here some of the best wood burning stencils. These wood burning templates are free to use and can be downloaded using the right click “save as” option. Each pattern has a small brief with the difficulty level: Easy, Moderate and Hard. 

Based on which level you are at, download it, tape the template on a wooden surface, trace using a carbon paper and get going. You should also check the availability of tips at your end since some designs may require a wider tip while some may require a thin one. 

1. Cactus patterns

Cactus printable wood burning pattern

Cactus patterns are very simple to create. Cacti can survive in harsh situations and represent that it stands strong and provides the needed water source and is symbolically used to represent a mother’s unconditional love. 

The template provided is the simplest of cactus design. You can try an even more complicated design if you wish to. 

Drawing Level: Easy

2. Calligraphy patterns

Calligraphy printable wood burning pattern

Letters and fonts are always worthy of expressing your thoughts. Names, quotes, wishes, anything can be considered calligraphy patterns. I wrote an article featuring some of the best wood burning letter stencils you can buy, feel free to check that out too.

There are various styles of calligraphy designs, and this one has all the letters of the English language. You can imprint them and cut out separate letters too. 

Drawing Level: Easy

3. Mandala patterns

Mandala printable wood burning pattern

Mandalas are considered as positive energy attracting artworks. These are regarded as holy works in Hinduism[2] and Buddhism[3]

In recent times, mandalas have been considered a cute ornamental design by the eastern nations. 

This pyrography mandala design stencil is slightly tough to make but if done carefully can turn out to be really good. 

Drawing Level: Hard

4. Mountain patterns

Mountain printable wood burning pattern

These are simple stencils that beginners can best do with. The mountains always represent their majestic nature. 

The burnt wood texture and the mountain artworks are a great combination when considered as a part of interior design. 

It has very simple lines and the least complex design in nature based patterns. 

Drawing Level: Easy

5. Flower girl patterns

Flower girl printable wood burning pattern

Aren’t you attracted to flower girls in Hawaii? This pattern Is a Hawaiian flower girl wood burn. 

They symbolize happiness. Creating a human face in pyrography can be challenging, but with patience and effort, you can bring the best out of it. 

Since this will be printable, the difficulty level is right at the sweet spot where you have to be careful for the thin lines at hairs. 

Drawing Level: Moderate

6. Floral patterns

Floral Printable wood burning patterns​

Flowers are the most beautiful designs to be created with pyrography. These are kind of tricky. 

You have to be very calm and steady when you create floral patterns. The design is associated with youth, beauty, and pleasure. 

However since it has darker shades in areas, beginners are not recommended to go with this flower design. 

Drawing Level: Moderate

7. Animal patterns

Animal printable wood burning patterns

Animals are really complicated designs. The realism that burning wood art expresses is high. 

So, the efforts should also be increased. The animal designs depict various strengths and characteristics of humans. Images of bats are used to represent a guardian. 

You can easily create a bat pyrography and present it to someone whom you consider as a guardian in your life. 

However make sure you are well versed with some basic designs else this can be challenging. 

Drawing Level: Moderate

8. Leaf patterns

Leaf patterns

Leaf patterns represent the freshness and unlimited energy in a person, and they can also represent growth. 

Outlining the leaf will be easy, but the veins will surely get on your nerves. It will take immense patience to get this done. 

Like what you see ? I have more such beautiful stencils in my post on best metal stencils for wood burning, do visit that page for more design stencils.

Drawing Level: Moderate

9. Bird patterns

Bird patterns

Birds are the best symbols to express the eternal nature of spirit messengers and departed souls. 

It also represents protection, strength and fertility. These designs are highly complicated, even though they might look like small strokes. 

But the way you make them matters the most. You can change the shades of feathers with light strokes which will ease the process. 

Drawing Level: Hard

10. Tree patterns

Tree patterns

Tree symbols represent life, wisdom, growth, power and prosperity. These stencils are of medium difficulty. You can try out various designs of trees if you wish. 

Try out this stencil pattern to create beautiful pyrographic art. The major task is going to be 

Drawing Level: Moderate

11. Lake patterns

Lake patterns

Lake patterns are complicated to create. The water design is the most complex here. The water expresses stability, wisdom, power, grace, music, undifferentiated chaos, and strength. 

Creating such designs will take more time because it has many minute details that need to be traced down. 

Drawing Level: Hard

12. Superhero patterns

Superhero patterns

Who doesn’t like superheroes? Their strength and power are something to admire. And showing them in pyrography will increase the admiration. 

Creating them is not that challenging if you love making them. The challenge is again the darkly shaded part where you have to make sure you don’t smudge when imprinting using carbon paper. 

Drawing Level: Hard

13. Wood grain patterns

Wood grain patterns

What can represent growth and maturity other than wood grains? Every tree has its wood grain texture. 

You can try out this pattern if you are scared of messing up. But I am sure that will never happen, as this can be easy. 

Even if you mess up, there are multiple ways to adjust the lines.

Drawing Level: Easy

14. Baby feet patterns

Baby feet patterns

One of the cutest things in the world would be the foot patterns of babies. It is the best expression of affection. 

These are really easy patterns to create with pyrography and require the least time to trace down. 

Drawing Level: Easy

15. Fruit patterns

Fruit patterns

Fruit patterns are artworks with medium difficulty. They represent vitality, youth, and abundance

You can create the art of one fruit or a basket full of them; the choice is yours. 

Here I have provided you with the stencil of grapes. Apart from the leaves and the viens, you can play around with the shape of grapes. 

Drawing Level: Hard

16. Christmas patterns

Christmas patterns

We all know which is the best season of the year, don’t we? The holiday season also means gifts. What can be the best gift than a love-filled, handmade pyrography art? 

This design takes more time but not more than your love. When made with love, nothing is hard. Use this christmas stencil to share your love this holiday season.

Drawing Level: Hard

17. Cartoon patterns

Cartoon patterns

Cartoons are the most loved by kids and even adults. Imagine creating your child’s favorite character and presenting it to them. 

None of the difficulties will matter when you see your child expressing their happiness. Minions are right at the sweet spot. 

Having them on a wooden surface is going to be such a delight. The difficulty isn’t much but just make sure you have the right tips to trace the template. 

Drawing Level: Moderate

18. Cars patterns

Cars patterns

Cars are the most exciting mechanical creation out there and appeal a lot to adults. Antique car pyrography has its fan base. 

They are really difficult to make, so you will have to focus more on intricate designs like around the tires and the grill at front. The size depends on how magnified your free template is going to be. 

Drawing Level: Hard

19. Love bird patterns

Love bird patterns

Love birds are the cutest creatures that can express love in its best form. Love is complicated, and so is this stencil. 

The important thing about this pattern is the pattern on the feathers. If you have no experience then avoid using this free template since you can mess it up. 

For professionals, this is a great design and if you can patiently carbon print the feather design, this should turn out to be a very great design. 

Drawing Level: Hard

20. Insect patterns

Insect patterns

Insects stencils are small but have the features when imprinted on wood that are a joy to people who have an eye for detail. 

These designs are not very complex but demand hard work from your side in pyrography. 

You can see how thin of lines the pattern has and since its symmetry on both sides, you shouldn’t mess much with the pattern. 

Drawing Level: Hard

21. World map pattern

World map pattern

Around the world in 80 days? I don’t think that’s possible, but creating a world pattern will surely take less than 80 minutes. 

This falls in the easiest patterns to create in pyrography. Highly recommended to boost your morale, especially as a beginner wood burning enthusiast. 

Drawing Level: Easy

22. Old man pattern

Old man pattern

Nothing can be more challenging than recreating the parched paper effect of old people. Their wrinkles make it look like a face painted on parched paper. 

This stencil will guide you through the process of recreating a fully wrinkled person’s face. Ensure you have the right tips for printing them using the carbon paper. 

Drawing Level: Moderate

23. Home pattern

Home pattern

The basic home pattern template has basic lines on the sides but you will need the right tips to bring out the shades inside the patter. 

If done right, the receiver’s reaction will make you realize the power of your simple pyrography art. 

This falls in the moderate difficulty level and is best for someone who has already done some basic wood burning patterns. 

Drawing Level: Moderate

24. Fish pattern

Fish pattern

If you ever want to present something to a person that believes in the go-with-the-flow philosophy, then fish pyrography is the best choice. As the stream goes, she also goes. 

The scales of a fish are tough to make, but you can create them easily. Use this stencil and let the burning flow through the wood. 

Drawing Level: Easy

25. Modern design patterns

Modern design patterns

Living in the modern era demands modern pattern solutions. Modern designs have attractive elements. It is up to you to choose an easy or difficult stencil. 

I do not want to stick to extremes, so I provide you with something in between. This pattern doesn’t need to be very symmetric and you can play around with the lines inside. 

Drawing Level: Easy

26. Monogrammed cutting board​

Monogrammed cutting board​​

A cutting board is a must-have kitchen tool in every household as it is required to slice and cut food items. 

If you are a wood-burning artist who wants to try their wood-burning skills, you can do so by adding a personal touch to their kitchen tools by etching any font or design. 

Etching a pattern on the cutting board will make it stylish and will also help to keep the fruits and vegetables upright. 

To begin with the process, you can take any design or pattern and trace it on the wood surface with the help of graphite paper and a pencil. Once the pencil trace is over, you can use a wood-burning tool to burn the traced pattern on the wood surface. 

The entire process might take 20-30 minutes. After you are done with burning, erase any remaining pencil lines and wash the board before using.

Drawing Level: Easy

27. Valentine's Heart pattern

If you are a wood-burning artist, who wants to give your partner something meaningful and personal this valentine’s day, the valentine’s heart wood burning pattern is a romantic gift idea. 

This pattern involves working with different textures and shading effects and requires the usage of different types of wood-burning tips. 

Therefore, this pattern is suitable for wood-burning artists who have an intermediate or advanced skill level in this art.

As mentioned, you will require different types of wood-burning tips, like a writing tip, to create curved lines and the two hearts, a ball tip for adding textured patterns and for creating flat and smooth areas, you would need a knife tip. 

Trace the pattern on the wood surface with a pencil and graphite paper and then burn the traced pattern. You can also add colours using coloured pencils, watercolours, romantic quotes, or messages.

Drawing Level: Easy

28. Butterfly Pattern​

Butterflies are beautiful creatures that signify prosperity, comfort, love and change. This is an excellent wood-burning pattern for artists who love butterflies. It is a simple yet soothing pattern that will please all your senses. 

Although butterflies are simple creatures, drawing one can be tricky as it includes many intricate details and requires both artistic and technical skills.

It is recommended to first draw the butterfly pattern on paper and make a stencil. Fold the graphite paper in half to get a mirror image of both wings. Once you have finalised the pattern, you can transfer it to the wood surface and start burning it. 

To make the pattern more lively, you can add colour to it. Add the colour after you are finished with burning and erase the pencil lines if any.

Drawing Level: Easy

29. Flowered Deer Pattern​

Flowered Deer Pattern​

The flowered deer pattern is a beautiful pattern that adds a magical touch to any item on which it will be etched. It is a relatively challenging wood-burning pattern. 

It is suitable for experienced and seasoned wood-burning artists who want to try their wood-burning skills. 

This floral deer pattern involves many intricate details and elegantly crafted features filling its entire face, neck, and antlers which adds to the enchanting aura of the pattern.

This wood-burning pattern features many curves, lines, different shapes and other details. Therefore, wood-burning tips like writing tips, round tips and shading tips will be required. 

One of the easiest ways to transfer the pattern on a wooden surface is to take a printout of the pattern, trace it with a pencil, and burn the outline. 

Burning this ornate piece of art will take time; therefore make sure you are prepared and have the skill to do it.

Drawing Level: Hard

30. Eagle Owl Pattern

Eagle Owl Pattern

The eagle owl is a big raptor bird. Burning this pattern on the wood surface requires great skills as it involves many minute and sophisticated details. 

It is suitable for wood-burning artists who have been practising wood burning for some time and have mastered the basic skills. This pattern will give you an opportunity to understand and explore this medium better. 

The eagle owl is an incredible bird with orange eyes and a detailed tail. To have better control over the process, you can get a print out of the eagle owl pattern on lightweight paper and then use the tracing technique to transfer the pattern. 

Since this pattern tests the wood-burning skills of the artist, it is important to use a good wood-burning tool with writing and shading tips. 

Use the writing tip for small areas like the eye to create a thin line. Practising this pattern will help you to master burning intricate shapes and patterns.

Drawing Level: Hard

31. Vista House Pattern

Vista House Pattern

This is a great pattern for wood-burning artists who have started with wood burning and want to practise their wood-burning skills. 

It is a simple design, which allows you to practise different aspects of wood burning, like adding texture, and the proper way to create constants by using light and shadows. 

As wood burning does not offer many opportunities for adding colours, it is important to know how one can achieve the correct contrast. 

To create this pattern, you would require different types of wood-burning tips like writing tips, shading tips and rounded heel tips. To transfer the pattern on the wood surface, draw it on graphite paper and then, with a pencil, trace it on the wood surface. 

It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to trace a pattern. Then burn the outline using suitable wood burning tips and start detailing it once you are done with burning the basic outline. 

Using a rounded heel tip around the roof area and a writing tip for the rest of the areas is better. Rub any residual pencil lines once you are done, and then start creating the shadows.

Drawing Level: Moderate

32. Artistic Leaf pattern

This is a great pattern for wood-burning artists who like to burn nature-based wood-burning art ideas. 

The artistic leaf pattern is most suitable for wood items that have a small surface area, such as coasters, wood ornaments[1], etc. 

The leaves add freshness and good energy. It is a bit different from the regular leaf pattern, which can be used on invitations and decorating gifts for your loved ones. You can burn any leaf pattern of your choice.

It is a straightforward wood-burning pattern with not much complexity. It is easy to outline the leaf but outlining the leaf veins requires patience and skill. 

The Artistic Leaf pattern is suitable for wood-burning artists who have an intermediate skill level in wood-burning. Burning a leaf pattern requires both the universal and conical wood-burning tip to make thin and fine lines. 

To burn the pattern, you can transfer it to the wood surface using any technique. If you wish, you can also add colours to the leafy to make it look more realistic.

Drawing Level: Moderate

33. Bengal Tiger pattern​

The Bengal tiger is an endangered member of the cat family. Throughout history, it has been a symbol of strength and power. 

The Bengal Tiger pattern is not for everyone to attempt as it requires great skills, given the amount of detail involved. Therefore it is suitable for seasoned wood-burning artists. 

This project involves playing with many textures and colours, like the black stripes, white whiskers and the shaggy white mane. 

You can start with this wood-burning pattern by transferring the pattern to the wood surface. 

There are many ways by which you can transfer the pattern, like the tracing method. After transferring, you can start burning the outline. For burning, you can use the writing tip and the shader tip. 

While burning, burn the outline in small dashes in the direction of the fur growth to give it a more realistic look. For the whiskers, it is best to use an X-acto knife. It will give it a more enhanced look.

Drawing Level: Moderate

34. Legend of Zelda Pattern

Legend of Zelda Pattern

The legend of Zelda pattern is a great way to decorate and customise your wood items if you are a wood-burning artist who loves fantasy and adventure sports games. 

This pattern adds a mystic vibe to your wood item. It is an easy pattern which you can find on the internet and get a printout. 

Make sure the size of the printout is in accordance with the size of the wooden object on which you intend to burn the pattern.

Once you get the printout, you will need to transfer it to the wooden surface. For that, you can place the printout on the wood item and trace it with a pencil. 

After transferring the pattern, you can burn the outline and add shades according to your will. Erase any residual pencil marks, if any at all. This is a great pattern for any gamer to show their geekiness. 

Drawing Level: Easy

35. Intricate Elephant Pattern​

The intricate elephant pattern is another interesting and beautiful pattern over the course of history. Elephants were used as emblems to represent harmony, luck and prosperity. 

It is a great option for wood-burning artists who like to burn nature-related patterns with a psychedelic touch. 

This pattern is more complex in comparison to other templates as it involves many fine details and curves along with tribal-esque elements. 

Therefore, it is suited for professional and experienced wood-burning artists who want to challenge themselves. 

The elephant’s body is covered with mandala patterns and other sophisticated shapes. Therefore to burn the outline of such fine designs, you would need a wood burning wood-burning tool with a writing tip, round tip and shading tip. 

The best way to transfer the pattern will be by taking a printout and tracing it on the wood surface. You can add colours to the art piece to make it more artistic.

Drawing Level: Moderate


Drawing a pattern from scratch can be difficult, I hope my collection of free wood burning patterns helps you choose a template. Using such stencils are best to gift pyrographic arts to your beloved ones or even for your own personal collection. Who knows, this can be an idea for your small business too! I hope you found all these stencils great for guiding you. 


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