Beginner’s Course to Wood Burning by Rachel Strauss of Wood Burn Corner

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Written by Jared Watson

Jarred Watson is a pyrographer with 10+ years experience and has worked with brands like BOSCH & FORD. He is always looking to learn and share his passion of wood burning with others.

Wood burning has gained a lot of traction among artists or DIYers and new hobbyists post COVID. While this is a creative art form, acquiring the required skills to become an expert may not be as easy as it may sound. 

Today, there are various platforms or online courses that enable you to perfect your skills in a pocket-friendly manner. If you are searching for an affordable wood burning online course, Here’s a rundown of wood burning courses by Rachel Strauss is, how it works, its pricing and everything you must know about it. 

The Course: Learning Wood Burning Techniques by Rachel Strauss

Skillshare is one of the best online learning platforms for curious and creative individuals, with hundreds of lessons on subjects including illustration, woodburning, design, video, photography, freelancing, and more. Members of Skillshare collaborate to discover inspiration and advance in their creative endeavors.

Founded in New York, this platform offers several courses and has millions of users. Their team of expert teachers focuses on providing hands-on and practical courses for learners worldwide, making it a popular e-learning program.

If you are eager to become a professional at woodburning, you may enroll in Skillshare’s classes conducted by a professional artist Rachel Strauss. In this online class, you’ll learn how to change any design into a beautiful piece of wood burning art from its initial stages to finish. 

About the Instructor: Rachel Strauss

Rachel Strauss

Rachel Strauss is the artist who founded wood burn corner. She has experience of over 10 + years and over the years she has only fueled her passion by coming up with new ideas. She even conducts “Burn Month Challenges” where one is encouraged to hone their skills.

Her work has been continuously featured on Etsy, Craftsposure’s and multiple instagram feeds. In short she is one of the best out there to learn wood burning due to a concept she preaches about “Community over competition”.  gives you a detailed lesson on the essential materials and tools needed to create this artwork. 

Learning from her is like taking all the guesswork and understanding how to apply it in a fun way to learn rather than getting intimidated.

In-depth Details

There are a total of 9 lessons where Rachel begins by giving us an introduction to wood burning. Since all the classes have illustrations, you learn things in a better way. 

Rachel Wood Burning Course Lessons

As someone who has tried wood burning in real life, I can say the lessons have been laid down in a systematic fashion. You learn about the important tools that are required when you start wood burning.

Rachel has spent the most time on the section where a wood burning design is transferred to wood. This is important too since most people master the previous part which is again easy but get stuck in this part.

You learn how to make sure you are not making mistakes just to get the design transferred on the wood. A big addition to the lessons is “Safety and other helpful hints”. Since this art form involves tools and fire, its important that one learns how to ensure we are safe before any action takes place. 

Once the foundation is laid down, Rachel does a great job of giving us 3 exercises to practice where 

The Good

Clarity of concepts by Teacher: Throughout the course, Rachel can be seen prepared with everything that is necessary for the class. Right from the mindset, tools and instructions. This helps students tremendously since your conviction only increases listening to someone who can lay down concepts so simply. 

Interesting Teaching style: Even though lessons may be important, what also matters is how engaging the teacher is. Rachel is too good here who ensures every lesson is engaging and you can apply the concepts right away. 

Lessons in the course: Wood burning can be intimidating especially if this is your first time taking a course. Rachel has made sure to ease the process by letting your savor new concepts in a slow and steady manner such that everyone can have a grasp over it. 

Best suited for : Beginners and first introduction to wood burning

The Bad

Not enough for intermediate or advanced people: If you are someone who already has basics covered then there may not be much for you in this course and you may have to look for someone else as this is a very beginner friendly course. 

No updates: Like a regular course on some topic, you are not going to find updates done on the lessons. I so wish there were some updates done on the course with fresh exercise or hacks around wood burning. 

How Much Does Skillshare Cost for The Learners?

When enrolling at Skillshare, you may purchase a subscription which gives you access to over 35,000 courses on this platform. You may continue learning courses as long as the subscription is valid. 

You can avail of their monthly subscription price at $32 and the yearly price at $167.88. The annual fee comes down to $13.99 per month; hence, this plan is a better deal for you.


If you are a beginner, Rachel’s course is a great way to kickstart your wood burning journey. Each class will offer short lessons and hands-on projects. It is best for an individual whether hobbyist or someone looking to learn about basic wood burning. Finally, you’ll be a part of a community that shares your interests, ambitions and values. 

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