Razertip P80 review : Modern pyrography tool for digital age

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Jarred Watson is a pyrographer with 10+ years experience and has worked with brands like BOSCH & FORD. He is always looking to learn and share his passion of wood burning with others.

I often get fascinated by some wood carvings that are so diligently done. You too can carve out wood with optimum precision and make great wooden carvings with the help of one such wood burning tool – the Razertip P80 wood burner. The P80 has the finest tip that enables you to work infallibly in bird carvings, gourd and flat work pyrography. Its sturdy and comfortable grip and impeccable structure assist you in carving out every detail with utmost accuracy and aptness. 

Is Razertip P80 a good pyrography tool?

I must say when it comes to versatility as a factor, I was fairly surprised to see how well this pen performs under different circumstances. I did also use the pen heavily for complex time taking designs only to see if it was comfortable. I do think there’s some room to improve but overall its a nice pen for beginners and intermediate pyrographers.

There were several parameters consider when choosing the Razertip P80 pyrography pen, here are the 4 key factors through which I reviewed Razertip P80

Power output: It is very important to know if a pyro pen has  a variable power output that can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of your project.

Tip size: The P80 is available in a variety of tip sizes, each with a different shape and size, to suit different burning techniques and materials. This was a key factor to establish versatility of the product.

Heat retention: The P80 has a precision temperature control system that allows you to set and maintain the exact temperature needed for your project.

Comfort: It can be challenging to hold on to a pen if it’s not comfortable since some designs are time taking. The P80 has been designed with a comfortable grip to reduce hand fatigue and to offer a better control.

Compatibility: The P80 is compatible with other Razertip pens and tips, allowing you to expand your burning options and techniques.

Razertip P80 Review

Razertip P80 Review​

The Razertip P80[1] is the ideal product for the pyrographers and is known for its precision. It is the first such graphic product in the world that includes a stabilised and entirely regulated stabilized power supply of 100-240VAC, 50 or 60Hz. The interface is equally unique as it has a digital touch screen interface. You can use the touch screen to switch between different pens when necessary.

You can plug it anywhere you want, put in the desired heat settings and carve out the most beautiful wood carvings your artistic mind can think of! The versatility and flexibility offered by Razertip P80 are fascinating. 

It includes as many as 700 heat settings. Thus, it can reach a temperature as low as to enable working with jeweller’s wax, which is approximately  80 degrees C. Or, it can get a temperature as high as approximately 800 degrees C. 

Despite such high versatility, you need not worry about input voltage fluctuations. Irrespective of the power availability, the input voltage remains sturdy and stable at the exact desired heat setting. This product comes with a better than ever heat recovery, which is compatible with all the existing Razertip pens and accessories. 

All P80 or P80x come with an extra flex pen chord called the #CORD1P. This, too, is compatible with every Razertip pen and accessory. The inimitable power supply output of this product ensures that you need not work with the heavy-duty cord when you need to work with heavier tips. Although P80 is a single burner, it is incomparably unique and efficient. 

If you require a double or triple burner, you can readily attach the P80x expansion modules. It doesn’t even require any additional tools. This offers the pen its own heat setting and memory functions. Therefore, the versatility of the product here becomes wider, expanding its capability from single burner to double or triple burner. 

What’s inside the box?

Here comes an interesting part. We will now find out what you will get inside the box when you buy the Razertip P80- Starter Kit. The following are the constituents of the box. 

  • 1 – P80 Base Unit

This is the base of the entire product or the machine. It includes a touch screen display and a power switch. It also contains the necessary plug-ins and the different cords to which you can plug in the essential tools and cords to work with the machine accordingly. 

  • 1 – Standard Cord

The cord connects the P80 base unit of the product to the necessary tool for carrying the carvings precisely. 

  • 1 – Tip Cleaner

Keep your pens, tips and other accessories clean and tidy with the help of the Tip Cleaner that comes with the pack. And thus, ensure optimum precision and infallibility every time you use this product. 

  • 1 – Medium Knife standard pen

The fixed nib pen is ideal for general details in photography, including hairs, gourds[2] and feathers. The nib is rounded, and the pen is similar to 14L, but the artists prefer a nib which is a little smaller. 

  • 1 – Small Round standard pen

It is a fixed, rounded nib pen. It is best and most beneficial for precise details on concave and small surfaces. It is perfect for detailing sculpted feathers and the “Burning for Colour” technique. 

  • 1 – 1/16″ Ball standard pen

It is also a fixed tip pen with an infused steel ball on the tip. It offers impeccable writing and burnishing points. It is best for writing, fine shading, stippling and the like. It is best to use a gravy duty cord. 

  • 1 – Medium Shader heavy duty pen

It is a heavy-duty fixed-tip pen. It is ideal for various applications and techniques and is compatible on numerous surfaces, such as concave, convex and flat. It can also work with wax, and it is best to work with a heavy-duty cord.

Review under different parameters

Razertip P80 - Reviewed under different parameters

General Features

It includes a touch screen display, memory function and an inbuilt hook-like structure to place your pen when necessary. It has all the required card points, cords, tips and tip cleaner, making the end result effortless and precise. A unique capacity to reach extremes of temperature, and you can also put in the necessary heat settings. 

Made in Canada, the product comes with a 3-years warranty and is also globally safety-certified virtually. All that this impeccable product needs to work is a changing power cord or a suitable plug adapter. 

Heat Retention

Razertip P80 has a versatile range of heat retention. It can go as low as 80 degrees C and as high as 800 degrees C. This is important since heat can be both a friend and foe when doing pyrography. If the material can’t handle heat at high levels, it can melt the tips and even cause distorted results. 

Tip Selection

You will get four different pens with different tips. The four types would cover all the necessary tip selections you require for a wholesome pyrography work, starting from the minutest details of feathers to the heavy-duty medium shader carving works. 

Ease of Switching tips

The product comes with a touch screen display. You can readily switch among different tips using the touch screen. 

The quickness of heating and cooling

It takes not more than 4-5 seconds for the tip to get heated for work. Similarly, it does not take more than 20s for the nib to get cool and no more burn the wood. 


Considering the various benefits, tools and optimum precision that this product offers, it is a highly reasonably priced product at $487.05.

Stand Out Perks

  1. Digital touch screen interface
  2. Entirely regulated stabilized power supply
  3. Safety Certification with the ETL C/US[3]
  4. Dual handpiece capability
  5. Ease of switching tips
  6. 700 heat settings
  7. It consists of every necessary nib/tip that is impeccably convenient to use. 


There is room for improvement in the handling of the pen. The brand could focus a bit more on overall ergonomics. Apart from that, it’s a top quality pen and beginners who generally do basic small wood burning projects won’t have any problem at all.


The Razertip P80 is a high-quality woodburning tool that offers precision temperature control and a variety of tip sizes for intricate designs on different materials. In the review you saw how it fared on important parameters like tips, heat retention, tip selection and other important factors. The Razertip P80 is a reliable and durable tool where the grip could be improved. It’s a great option for pyrography enthusiasts looking for a versatile and precise tool.


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Razertip P80

In this article we break down the Razertip P80 wood burning pen, to find whether it does actually backs up its claims or not? CLICK TO READ!

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