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Jarred Watson is a pyrographer with 10+ years experience and has worked with brands like BOSCH & FORD. He is always looking to learn and share his passion of wood burning with others.

Wood burning art sometimes sucks, and those unwanted choppy and sloppy burns are the reason. No wonder! Those nicely-burned crisp lines are hard to achieve sometimes. It isn’t a paper drawing, after all. But don’t feel down, a heat gun and this compact, pen-like tool may make wood burning easier. Scorch Marker is one of the best tools for wood artists and why you should buy it, this review details it out. 

Is Scorch Marker a good pyrography tool?

The Scorch Marker performed well on all the parameters such as producing vibrant, permanent and water-resistant prints, Versatility, easy to use, precision, safety. It is reasonably priced and a good option for those looking for a versatile, precise and reliable tool for their wood burning needs.

There were several parameters considered when reviewing Scorch Marker and of the many factors, below 5 were chosen as the most key to one’s decision making.  

Quality of the ink: I checked if Scorch Marker had high-quality ink that produces vibrant, permanent, and water-resistant prints[1].

Versatility: if the product is versatile then Scorch Marker should be able to work on a wide range of materials, including wood, leather, paper, and fabric.

Ease of use: The product should have a user-friendly design that is easy to handle and manoeuvre.

Precision: I checked if Scorch Marker had a precision tip as that allows for detailed and intricate designs to be burned onto the material.

Safety: All wood burning markers should have a safety feature such as a heat guard to protect your fingers. I made sure safety is taken care of in the product.

Scorch Marker Pro Review

Scorch Marker Pro Review​

A burned wood is a well-liked home décor but this Scorch Marker Pro is about to add more precision in that. Simply put, a scorch marker utilizes heat-activated, toxic chemicals[2] that speed up the wood burning process while empowering the skills of an artist. 

Hold the marker and sketch it out to create the desired woodwork to draw a desired pattern onto the wood surface. You don’t need additional arrangements at all, except for a hot gun. Draw using the marker’s tip and heat up the pattern using the Hot Gun to create a gorgeous “burned effect” on the wood.  

What’s Inside the Box?

The box just contains one marker that weighs ‎0.704 ounces. Along with that, some instructions have been provided by the brand on both Back and Front that artists can read to clear their doubts regarding the product. 

Please note: No heat gun is provided with the product; you will have to purchase it separately.

Product’s Usage and Overall Review

You can create contrast and smoky effects by putting heat in variations on the design formed using the marker. Thanks to the fine tip, even the smallest line is easy to carve using the marker. However, the chemical requires 500° F or a hotter Temperature to get burned faster. But consider avoiding direct heating treatment as it can readily burn the surface. 

The chemicals present in the marker are heat activated so when you apply the marker on your wood and then heat it using a heat gun, you can see the design come to life. 

You will have to follow the below steps:


  1. Prepare the surface of wood with a sandpaper
  2. If you have a design ready using a stencil then great else you can design using freehand
  3. Shake the Scorch Marker Pro so that the chemicals present inside the marker are activated, once done, now apply it to your design.
  4. Heat the surface with head gun or inside an oven(350 Degrees)
  5. Now apply a wood finisher so that you can seal and protect the design

Tip: The more heat you apply, the darker your design will be so remember to carefully apply heat to the marked design. 

The marker can help you form a fantastic image or artwork on variations of woods, e.g., birch, poplar, basswood, aspen, and walnut. Apart from wood, you can also use the tool to create a burned pattern on paper and cardboard. 

With an intricate design and fine tip, this scorch marker lets you create a burned design or image on the wood in no time. Shake the marker and let the heat-activated, toxic chemicals set and apply the color through the tip on the surface. Heat up the image in the oven or use a heat gun from the top to get an artistic design.

USP: Since it’s just a marker, you just draw using it and apply a heat gun for the further process. Now if you draw something unwanted or make a mistake, you can just rub off the area using high grit sandpaper and start your work again. This is different when compared to a wood burning kit where changes are irreversible. To top that, the chemicals used inside the marker are non-toxic and odor free making it safe to use.

My Opinion

I was sceptical at first, but after using the Scorch Marker Pro, I can confidently say it’s a game-changer for pyrography projects. The precision tip allows me to create intricate designs on wood, leather, and more with ease. The ink is top-notch and the results are vibrant, permanent, and water-resistant. The build is solid and comfortable to hold. It’s a must-have tool for any serious pyrographer.



The verdict for the Scorch Marker Pro is that it is a high-quality and versatile tool for pyrography enthusiasts. It offers precision and detailed designs, a wide range of materials compatibility, high-quality ink that produces vibrant and permanent prints, it’s easy to use, reasonably priced and manufactured by a reputable brand. It is a reliable and a must-have tool for any serious pyrographer.


If you are a passionate pyrographer, you must be well aware about the reputation of this brand. Scorch maker offers precision and detailed designs, a wide range of materials compatibility, high-quality ink that produces vibrant and permanent prints, it’s easy to use and reasonably priced. The build is solid and comfortable to hold, most importantly you can rely on its durability. Overall, it’s a great option for those looking for a high-quality tool for their burning needs.


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Scorch Marker Pro

Wood burning art sometimes sucks.No wonder! Those nicely-burned crisp lines are hard to achieve but with Scorch marker it's super easy!

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