TRUArt Wood Burning Tool Review | Is stage 2 kit worth the money?

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Written by Jared Watson

Jarred Watson is a pyrographer with 10+ years experience and has worked with brands like BOSCH & FORD. He is always looking to learn and share his passion of wood burning with others.

In this TRUArt Wood Burning Tool review, we will be discussing the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the TRUArt Wood Burning Tool, as well as its overall performance and value for money. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced wood burner, this article will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about whether the TRUArt Wood Burning Tool is the right choice for you.

Is TRUArt stage 2 kit worth the money?

The TRUArt Wood Burning Tool is a high-quality tool that offers a wide range of temperature settings, multiple tips and attachments for versatility, and ease of use. It has a good reputation, reasonable price and a warranty. It also has safety features and additional features such as a stand and case. It offers good customer support in case of issues.

When looking to review the TRUArt Wood Burning Tool, there were several factors I considered to see how good it functions, Factors were:

Quality and durability of the tool: Checking if the tool is well-made and built to last. I tried to use it for complex wood burning designs to see how well it did. 

Temperature control: good wood burning kit should have a wide range of temperature settings, so you can adjust it to the type of wood and project you are working on. I checked if TRUArt had a similar functionality. 

Versatility: I checked if the tool has multiple tips and attachments that can be used for various wood burning techniques.

Ease of use: A tool is only worthwhile if it is easy to hold and manoeuvre can make your wood burning experience more enjoyable.

TRUArt Wood Burning Tool

TRUArt Wood Burning Tool Review​

The TRUArt Wood Burning Tool[1] is a versatile and high-quality tool that offers a wide range of temperature settings, multiple tips, and attachments for various wood burning techniques. It is easy to use and comes with safety features, a stand and case, and good customer support. It also has a good brand reputation, reasonable price and a warranty.

What’s Inside The Box?

To start with, here are the contents of the box that you will get as a set on ordering TRUArt Wood Burning Tool:

  1. Dual pen burner- With dual pen technology, the heating process will speed up, and it will be easy for the artist to perfect the wooden shapes, drawings, portraits, or quotes. 
  2. Two wands with wire connectivity- These two wands will help you switch through the tips faster, without wasting time switching tips on a single wand. 
  3. 40-piece tip set- You get a total of 40 tips for you to refine your woodburning artistry and add life to your creativity. 
  4. Dual holders- You can set both of your wands in these holders to enhance the accessibility of these wands while you are focused on your pyrography works. 
  5. 5 Cleaning files- Keep your tips clean with the use of this set of files. 
  6. Pliers and Tweezers- Switching a hot tip with another will be easier with these tweezers and pliers. 
  7. Cleaning brush- It comes with a brass-bristle brush that is preferable for cleaning all solid-point tips. 
  8. Sandpapers- Smoothen up your wood piece before you start burning it with these sandpapers. 
  9. User manual- You have an instruction manual that will guide you through the use of this woodburning tool if you are a complete beginner at it. 
  10. Metal container- A small container is provided with the set for storing all the tips. 
  11. Product case- The best thing that TRUArt did was provide a branded case to store all these woodburning essentials. Now, it is easy to shelf and transport. 

Reviewing The Product On Different Parameters

As a pyrographer or woodburning expert, the best way to decide on a product is by assessing them on obvious parameters. So, let’s shed light on different comparative parameters:

1. General Features


Some of the common features that make this product stand out among the rest are:

  • Burns faster
  • Small & light in weight
  • Quick installation of tips
  • Closest distance to the wooden surface
  • Tip customization
  • Ergonomic design
  • Consistent heat response with 60W power output
  • Maximum temperature of 1550F
  • Voltage heat settings range from 0 to 111V

2. Heat Retention

Heat retention is the property of heat lost or retained when a tip touches wood. A proficient wood burner tool should not lose much heat. With TRUArt’s dual pen wood burning tool, the heat loss is minimal and has a voltage heat setting feature to understand what setting will give you the required heat. 

As a result, you can control the heat retention property. The ideal voltage to work is between 30V to 80V. Setting it lower than 30V won’t give you the output you desire, while above 80V is too hot to disorient the shape you want to achieve. 

3. Tip Selection

All 40 tips available with this kit are ideal for adding variety to your wooden craftwork. With this variety of tips, you can burn signs, letterings, portraits, drawings, and almost everything. The best in the lot are pointed and shader tips. 

You have dedicated tips to burn a larger wood surface area in a short time. The downside is that the kit lacks a straight edge tip commonly preferred by beginners for making straight burns on the surface. But, there are alternatives to straight edge tips that you can use to achieve the same results.

4. Ease of Switching Between Tips

These woodburning wands by TRUArt take around 15 seconds to heat up and 3 minutes to cool down. So, you will have to wait around 3 minutes for your tip to cool down before switching it. Hence, it is better than most other wands available within this price range. 

This kit has two wands to help you continue the work without putting your project at a halt for three minutes. 

Therefore, when a tip is set to cool down, you can continue with the second preferable tip installed on your second wand. 

too easy

Even though the installation is a bit tricky with the screws and prongs in these wands, with the availability of dual pens, it becomes seamless over time. 

5. Heating and Cooling Quickness

As stated above, it takes 10 to 15 seconds for the tip to heat up and reach the temperature you set on your dial. It goes up to 1550F, a temperature range most pyrographers won’t even use in their projects. 

Similarly, it takes around 2 to 3 minutes to cool down after the power has been disconnected from the wand. If you are not confident enough to handle the tip even after 3 minutes, use tweezers or pliers to remove it from the prongs. 

6. Cost

As this review is being written, the price of the TRUArt woodburning dual pen kit costs $205.95, which is down from $269.95.

 It is updated on TRUArt’s website for this particular linked product. 

As this review is being written, the price of the TRUArt woodburning dual pen kit costs $205.95, which is down from $269.95. 

It is updated on TRUArt’s website for this particular linked product. 


7. Stand Out Perks

stand out

To help you make a decision, here are a few standout perks that are not so common with any other brand products:

  • It comes with a dual pen stand that holds these wands completely to guard the hot tips and keep them away from bare hands. It keeps these pens secured and allows air to pass through the holders to cool them down. 
  • Finger guards are unnecessary with these wands, as they don’t heat up even when you use them for a long time. It has a built-in protection guard to keep the heat off your fingers unless you set it at maximum temperatures. 
  • A hard case with a fabric shell makes it easy for you to carry it around and makes it shelfable without creating a mess around your work table. 

My Opinion

My experience of using the tool has been great. I felt the temperature control is very precise, and the wide range of temperature settings allows me to work with various types of wood. The tool is very versatile, with multiple tips and attachments that can be used for different wood burning techniques[2]. It is also easy to use and comes with a heat-resistant handle and automatic shut-off for safety. The stand and case are also great for storage and transport.


Product Timeline

The product was launched in 2020 and we are yet to see any iteration.


TRUArt has brought a perfectly functional and affordable woodburning tool for beginner and expert pyrographers to master their creativity and pen down their imaginations.


You saw my review of the TRUArt Wood Burning Tool, it highlights that the tool offers precise temperature control with a wide range of temperature settings, it’s versatile with multiple tips and attachments, easy to use and comes with safety features, has a stand and case for storage and transport. The review concludes with a recommendation to purchase the tool. However, the review also mentions that the tool might be too heavy for some users and the customer support might not be accessible for everyone.


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TRUArt Stage 2 Professional Dual Pen

The Truart Wood Burning Tool claims to offer top-notch performance. But does it deliver? Our review reveals all!

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