Wood burning and Pyrography classes for people living in USA and UK!

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Written by Jared Watson

Jarred Watson is a pyrographer with 10+ years experience and has worked with brands like BOSCH & FORD. He is always looking to learn and share his passion of wood burning with others.

Pyrography is the art of wood burning. This unique art allows a person to craft on a wood surface with the help of a heating pen. If you have mastered the art, you will know how satisfying it feels to curve in the wood. But if you are a beginner and serious about the art, you should definitely go for wood-burning classes, as learning from online videos could prove dangerous. 

Why should you take a wood burning class?

Fine arts take up a lot of time to master. To achieve it, one must be patient enough to learn different skills. Wood burning classes will provide various tips and tricks to excel in it. There are many elements to learn before beginning as a wood-burning artist. Therefore, many workshops and businesses are open online and offline for students who want to practice and learn wood burning. 

Benefits of taking wood burning classes

  • Learn step by step how to use the materials of wood burning correctly. 
  • Keen understanding of the burning points and techniques which can be used to create astonishing designs and handicrafts. 
  • Build confidence by practicing daily. 
  • Build a hobby and love for the art of pyrography 
  • Find joy and satisfaction by doing it with your friends and mentors. 

Many organizations provide online and offline classes to help young buds create a masterpiece. 

Classes in the USA

1. Pratt Fine Arts Center

This fine arts center offers courses aligning a wide range of courses. Currently, it is available in Pyrography 101 class. Here, students are taught to burn designs on wood boards. It’s cost effective considering you learn from experienced pyrography artists

2. Seattle Central College

Saman Shojaei is the teacher who takes Pyrography classes in the College. He is known for blending Pyrography with Painting, thus making them one and creating a unique piece of art. The cost of the class does not include the provision of materials. You can find the supplies mentioned in a list on the official website.

3. WoodWhirled

Owned and operated by Jack Wayne, Woodwhirled provides a lesson of 4 hours only one day of a week for both beginner and intermediate levels. Here, you have the flexibility of choosing the day that you want to take the class. There is a huge benefit of such a class since you have the freedom to choose whenever you wish to take the class and that’s a huge peace of mind whether you are an individual or in a group.

4. Woodcraft

Being one of the oldest and largest woodworking suppliers in the US, it has its stores in more than 70 locations across the US. Along with this, it also provides in-store classes, covering all the basic lessons to learn Pyrography. Learners are allowed to build their own projects on the go. This is best for people who are looking for more artist projects than just functionality ones. 

5. Brico Craft Studio

This is one of the perfect classes for those who want to learn wood burning online. They are taught to use various tools and pens which are easily available and since the timings are afternoon, it calls for a perfect noon for hobbyists who want an introduction to pyrography. 

6. Parsons Wood Artistry

It is a supply store for Pyrography. The owner provides online Pyrography classes which focus mainly on themes like landscapes and wildlife. You may wonder how it could be helpful but considering the artist also owns the store himself, you basically get lots of practical advice from the owner. 

7. Adirondack Folk School

This school will give you an introduction to Pyrography. This school provides the most needed training for beginners and also for those who want to restart their training. They offer several sessions on Pyrography during a year, and register and grab the opportunity.

  • Type- Pyrography
  • Classes – small group
  • Price- $105 plus supply fee for non-members and supply fee of $85 for members 
  • Website- https://www.adirondackfolkschool.org
  • Telephone- 518-696-2400
  • Location- 51 Main Street, Lake Luzerne, NY

8. Florida School of Woodwork

The school does a lot of workshops and classes on woodwork. Students are provided with the best possible environment for learning the craft, making it possible for them to learn all the techniques. The school consists of two main workshops. One is the back studio, and another is the main studio.

  • Type- Pyrography
  • Classes – Small group, regular, online
  • Price- Depending on the objective of the class 
  • Website- https://schoolofwoodwork.com/about-our-classes/
  • Telephone- (+1) 813-223-3490
  • Location- 1609 N. Franklin Street Tampa, Florida 33602

Pyrography classes in the UK

1. Bob Neill Pyrography

His classes are made for beginners who have just fallen into Pyrography. One is taught starting with the history, design and its transfer, techniques to the on-spot practice of shading and further decorating wooden items. Neill’s classes are affordable if we consider both the supplies and the lunch provided.

2. Ruth Wheeler

One can find Pyrography classes and sessions throughout the year from Wheeler, where students are required to decorate a whole panel of art through their burning techniques.She motivates her students to make their art pieces. Such a teacher is great for students who have tried pyrography before but couldn’t do much progress. 

3. Pyrographiques

It is a studio of Pyrography that was opened by Susan Robey. She is a master of various arts. Offering basic and 3D Pyrography classes at her studio, she is more interested in taking lessons in small groups so that every student can be given an equal amount of attention. Tools and other supplies are included in the fees of the class.

4. Turners Retreat

Turners Retreat is made for wood-related activities. It is a store cum learning centre that sells tools, equipment, lumber, etc. On the other hand, Pyrography classes are also given in it by Lisa Shackleton and Bob Neill. Students tend to learn a massive amount of different techniques and have to decorate various pieces.

5. Lovely Craft Club

Owned by a craft enthusiast, Sonia, the club is known for hosting various workshops and classes on many things, and one such course is Pyrography. Learners learn to do wood burning with the help of pen tips on different objects made of wood.


  • Editor’s Recommendation For US based people: Seattle Central College
  • Editor’s Recommendation For UK based people: Turners Retreat

In the end, it is all about your budget and will. If you really wish to learn this art and become a master, learn the techniques from a reputed organization. Furthermore, if you are thinking of learning the art from available videos, you should be equipped with safety gears to protect yourself from the smoke and burns. You can choose any organization you want, give your best and excel in it. Remember, it is about you and how you learn anything. Be patient, as slow and steady wins the race. 

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