10 Wood burning projects that you can sell online

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Written by Jared Watson

Jarred Watson is a pyrographer with 10+ years experience and has worked with brands like BOSCH & FORD. He is always looking to learn and share his passion of wood burning with others.

Wood burning or pyrography has emerged as a popular and profitable craft, breathing life into ordinary wooden items. This article uncovers the top ten wood-burning projects that command a strong online market presence. We delve into each project, providing insights into their appeal, market trends, and potential profitability for both seasoned crafters and beginners alike.

10 Wood burning projects that sell online

1. Personalized Cutting Boards

When it comes to kitchen items, a cutting board is a staple. By offering personalized cutting boards, you add a special touch that transforms a utilitarian item into a work of art. Monograms, family names, or even favorite recipes can be wood-burnt into the board, adding a level of personalization that many online shoppers seek. 

Be sure to use quality wood suitable for food use, and provide care instructions to ensure longevity. Given the increasing trend for personalized kitchenware, this could be a profitable venture.

2. Decorative Wall Art

Wood burnt wall art has seen a steady rise in popularity due to its unique aesthetic appeal and versatility. From intricate mandalas to simpler quotes or symbols, your customers can choose pieces that resonate with their personal style. 

You can offer a range of sizes and designs, catering to different budgets and tastes. Remember, the home decor market is vast, so defining your target audience and their preferences will be crucial to your success.

3. Wooden Jewelry

As sustainability becomes more important to consumers, wood-based jewelry is gaining traction. The rustic charm of wood, combined with the sophistication of pyrography, results in accessories that are both fashionable and eco-friendly. 

Offer a variety of designs, including geometric patterns or nature-inspired motifs, to cater to different style preferences. Including options for personalization can further enhance the appeal of your items.

4. Customized Coasters

Customized coasters are a great gift idea and an attractive addition to any home decor. Wood burning allows you to offer various designs, including thematic sets (think seasons, holidays, or cultural motifs), or personalized sets featuring initials or special dates. 

To appeal to a wider audience, you could offer a mix of more traditional and modern designs, ensuring you have something for every taste.

5. Wooden Utensils

Wooden utensils with wood-burnt designs are highly sought-after for their unique look and practicality. Pyrography can add beautiful patterns to spatulas, salad servers, or spoons, making these items stand out in the ever-growing online kitchenware market. 

Just like with cutting boards, you’ll want to choose a wood suitable for food use, provide care instructions, and ensure the wood-burning doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the utensil.

6. Rustic Picture Frames

Pyrography brings an added warmth and personalized touch to picture frames, making them a popular item among online shoppers. From family photos to artwork, these frames can hold cherished memories while also serving as a piece of decor. 

Offering customization options, such as the ability to add names, dates, or special messages, can make these items even more appealing.

7. Business Card Holders

While not the first item that might come to mind for wood burning, business card holders have seen a surge in popularity, particularly as corporate gifts. Personalized wooden card holders can leave a lasting impression on clients or colleagues, and they offer the potential for larger, corporate orders. 

When crafting these items, consider incorporating company logos, individual names, or motivational quotes.

8. Pyrography Signs

Wood-burnt signs can serve a multitude of purposes – from welcoming guests into a home to directing customers in a business. Whether it’s a funny quote for a kitchen, a name for a child’s room, or a business sign, the demand is high for these customizable items. 

The key to success with these items is offering a wide variety of designs, sizes, and personalization options.

9. Keepsake Boxes

Keepsake boxes are often bought to mark special occasions or store precious mementos. By offering boxes with wood-burnt designs or personalized messages, you’re providing a product that holds both sentimental and physical value. 

Consider offering different sizes or interior layouts (compartments, padding, etc.) to cater to various needs, from jewelry storage to time capsule boxes.

10. Wooden Bookmarks

Though niche, wooden bookmarks hold a special appeal for book lovers. They are not only practical but also offer a unique aesthetic. Offer a variety of designs, from literary quotes to images inspired by popular novels. Given the love many readers have for their books, offering a high-quality, durable product is crucial.

Tips and Best Practices for Selling Wood Burning Projects Online

Selling your wood-burning crafts online isn’t just about the creation process; it also involves effective marketing, quality materials, and understanding your customers. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  • Choose the Right Wood: Softwoods like Basswood or Pine are ideal for beginners due to their smooth texture. As you gain proficiency, you can experiment with different types of wood to achieve unique effects.
  • Use High-Quality Tools: Your wood-burning pen is your most important tool. Invest in a good-quality one with variable temperature control and various tips for different effects.
  • Pricing Your Products: Price your products wisely. Consider the cost of materials, time invested, complexity of the design, and market rates.
  • Photograph Your Products Well: Clear, attractive photos can make a significant difference in online sales. Use natural lighting and multiple angles to showcase your work best.
  • Write Descriptive Listings: When selling online, the product description is where you can tell the story of your product, discuss its features, and explain its value. Use this space wisely.
  • Packaging: Good packaging not only protects your product during shipping but also creates a positive unboxing experience for the customer. Consider including care instructions for your wood-burning items.
  • Marketing: Use social media, email newsletters, and SEO to get your products in front of potential buyers. Engage with your audience and create a story around your brand.

By applying these tips, you can increase the appeal of your wood-burning projects and boost your online sales. Remember, it’s all about providing value to your customers and continuously improving your craft.


In conclusion, while the market for wood-burning items is competitive, by understanding your target audience and continuously innovating your designs, you can establish a strong presence. Be sure to leverage social media and online marketplaces to reach potential customers and showcase your work. Remember, success in this business, as with any craft, requires a balance of creativity, quality craftsmanship, and savvy marketing.

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