Wood Burning Tapered Point | What is it ? | How to use it ?

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Written by Jared Watson

Jarred Watson is a pyrographer with 10+ years experience and has worked with brands like BOSCH & FORD. He is always looking to learn and share his passion of wood burning with others.

If you are also fond of carving your name, designs, cartoons, arts, etc., on wooden pieces, then this article is going to help you. The art of engraving names, designs, arts and cartoons on wooden pieces with the help of hot tools is known as pyrography or Woodburning in common language. 

Woodburning can be an interesting and creative art for a person who is well aware of it and the tools used, but it can be really an arduous task for a beginner. So, knowing the tools is an important thing. There are certain types of tools like tapered points, universal points, flow point cone points, etc., used for a specific purpose. One such tool is wood burning tapered point that is used to engrave straight lines and dots. 

Wood Burning Tapered Point

Wood Burning Tapered Point​

For making straight lines, dots, curves, etc. One can use tapered points. It is one of the solid-point woodburning tips available in the woodburning tool kit. Although it is of lesser utility, it is very important for finely textured designs. 


There are certain distinct features of tapered points that distinguish them from other tips and points. Let’s talk about these features:

  1. Sharp Point: It is the most important feature of the tapered points. It is this sharp point that is responsible for its utility. The sharp point helps in making lines, curves, circles, etc. 
  2. Long Cone: The sharp point is present at the edge of a long cone that tapers into a sharp point. This long cone helps in shading also. The long cone provides better usage of these tips. 

These two features are important for tapered points. There are not many characteristics of points since these are small tips and points. 


Although tapered points are small with a sharp tip, it is of great utility in pyrography. It can be used in several areas which require fine ends and edges. Other tips cannot replace tapered points. Let’s get through the uses of these tips:

  1. Lines: Tapered points are very helpful in making straight and thin lines. These lines can also be made with other tips like universal tips, calligraphy points, etc. But the extent of fineness provided by tapered points cannot be achieved with another tip. It can be used while making boxes, arrows, checkpoints, etc. 
  2. Dots: Creating small dots with any random tip is not possible. Small dots can only be made using tapered points. Other points may make dots of larger diameter. 
  3. Wholes: Tapered points are also used for creating narrow holes into the wood piece. Due to their sharpness, these points make a very beautiful and desirable hole into the wooden piece. One can use it while making crafts that require holes for tying or other purposes. 
  4. Curves: The tapered points also give desirable results in making curves. Beginners cannot make curves with these points because it requires effort and experience. The curves produced have fine edges and ends. There is a difficulty in controlling the point while making curves and hence requires control of hands while making curves. 
  5. Shading: Light textured shading can also be done using this point. But it is not advisable for dark shading. Shading can be done by slightly changing the angle of use of the points. You just need to slant the point and use it to engrave a shading effect on wood. 
  6. Circles: Etching circles on the wood using this point is difficult, but large circles can be etched. One should control the movement of the hand while engraving a large circle. Small circles cannot be engraved on the wood using this point. 

Many people who practice pyrography do not find it to be of as much utility as others points are. Though of lesser utility, wood burning tapered points are important in certain areas. 

Practitioners of pyrography usually have different connotations about and usage of any tool: there exist some features that are liked and some that are disliked by them. Artists tend to give their views upon which they arrive after working with the tool.  So, let’s see the likes and dislikes about tapered points.

What do I like about it?

Since tapered points are of lesser utility, it is not much in demand. Some artists prefer to use other points instead of these. There are a few things about tapered points that are liked by artists:

  • It can be used for both straight lines and curves. It is of great use in engraving straight lines. While making curves, one needs effort to control the point and hence is a difficult task for beginners. To get better control of the point, try to minimize the distance between your hands and the tip of the point. 
  • With tapered points, artists are able to make deep holes in the wooden piece. These small dots are very important in paintings and drawings.
  • Tapered points can also be used for large circles. The large circles can be made with huge effort and hence not an easy task. 

These are features that make tapered points irreplaceable. 

What do I not like about it?

Besides certain utilities, it is of much more non-utility. Artisans are able to replace it with points like a universal point or flow point. Hence there are certain features that make these points of no use:

  • To use tapered points properly, one requires effort and hard work. Because designs like shading or drawing big circles are not a beginner’s cup of tea. 
  • It cannot be used for shading purposes. Although some use it when there is no other option. It always shades the wood in a very light texture. 
  • Tapered points cannot be used for calligraphy as it requires proper control of the point by the artisan. For calligraphy, it is better to use other points like calligraphy points. 

I hope this article helped you understand what is a tapered point tip and how to use. I have more guides lined up like this below, do check them out.

Wrapping Up

Pyrography is an interesting and creative field but requires a lot of practice to master it. Woodburning tools are hard to handle and hence require a lot of effort.  There are different types of wood burning tools available, each with its specific use. Wood Burning Tapered points are an important part of tools available for pyrography. They are of great use for creating fine designs. 

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