Woodburning Universal Point or Chisel Tip | What is it ? | How to use it ?

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Written by Jared Watson

Jarred Watson is a pyrographer with 10+ years experience and has worked with brands like BOSCH & FORD. He is always looking to learn and share his passion of wood burning with others.

When you are involved in woodburning, it only makes sense to choose the right equipment to get the best results. One such essential piece of equipment includes a woodburning universal point chisel tip. Tips for a pyrography pen enable you to carve your preferred design on the wooden surface. There are different types of tips that work differently. However, working with the universal tip gives you the freedom to create any design efficiently. 


The tip of the universal point resembles a chisel. This solid point tip may be used for practically any task, including designing and writing. The general point can perform practically anything as long as you have the talents, even if there are other solid points in the category that are specially made for a purpose. 

However, this does not imply that you should do everything with it; instead, you may get far better results using the precise tip. These screw-in brass-colored solid point tips, like most of them, come with practically every entry-level solid-point wood burning equipment on the market. 

These are the suggestions that are often pre-installed and available for usage. Because of its chisel-like appearance, some refer to this one as the chisel tip. And the majority of my woodburning students begin with it.

The bends are a little trickier but still manageable. We would once more recommend the sharp point for writing cursive. However, you might need to change your wrist posture to utilize the general form of the chiseled edge while shading.


A general-purpose tip resembles a universal point tip more than a specialized case tip. It has a sharp edge that resembles a slanted chisel head and is designed like a cut tip marker. It can make lines extremely easy because of the sharp tip on the top. 

The large-sized universal point covers more ground, while the universal micro point may fit into tighter spaces. The most common solid brass tip is the universal tip, which may be used for fine line work, dots, lettering, and shading. Writing in tiny block letters requires practice. 

The universal point in the big size can fit into smaller locations, while the universal point in the tiny size can cover more ground. Nevertheless, patterns like dots, lettering, curved lines and circles are challenging to create.

What do I like about it?

This woodburning universal point chisel tip comes with some noteworthy prose such as:

  • The universal chisel tips can perform most patterns efficiently.
  • It is perfect for creating straight lines.
  • It is also suitable for shading large areas or areas with straight edges.
  • You can also create large, bold block lettering.

What I don’t like about it?

As a matter of fact, this tip also has some disadvantages as follows:

  • Creating dots using this tip is a challenge. 
  • You might consider using another tip for making round or circle patterns because the chisel tip makes it difficult to create such patterns.
  • Creating cursive lines using this tip is even more challenging, but by turning it upside down, you can make fine curved lines. 
  • It would be best if you did a lot of practice making curved or cursive patterns using the woodburning chisel tip.

I hope this article helped you understand what is a universal point tip and how to use. I have more guides lined up like this below, do check them out.


Of course, you have so many tips that you can use to create innovative patterns or letters on the wooden surface. However, the universal point chisel tips stand out among the best ones. Using this tip and a bit of practice, creating your favorite artwork should be easier and prettier. 

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