Worx Makerx review | A wood burning tool that works on metal too!

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Jarred Watson is a pyrographer with 10+ years experience and has worked with brands like BOSCH & FORD. He is always looking to learn and share his passion of wood burning with others.

Wood-burning essentially involves burning designs on the wood. It is a great form of art that can be implemented on various DIY projects. Wood-burning artists enjoy exploring different types of wood and mediums. Though, that requires a suitable tool that can be used for etching designs across a variety of mediums. The Worx Makerx is an advanced wood-burning tool that is designed for etching designs on wood and metal.

Worx Makerx Wood burning Tool

Worx Makerx Wood burning Tool​

The Worx Makerx wood and metal crafter is a wood-burning tool that is specially designed for artists and crafters who like to work on DIY projects. Makerx wood and metal crafter is a system of tools that an artist needs for working on a wood-burning project.

This system includes tools that are smarter, more precise, and portable, which would facilitate the crafter when working on a project. The tool is a 20 Volt wood and metal crafter which can be used with the Makerx system of portable tools.

The Makerx wood and metal crafter connects to the main Makerx hub that slides right onto a 20 Volt power share battery. The tool also features a 4-feet long cord that makes it portable and easy to move around the project. Though, the Makerx hub needs to be bought separately. One of the main features of the Worx Makerx tool is its quick heat-up.

The tools have dual temperature sensors that assist the internal heating element in reaching the target temperature, which helps the artist get started at once. Therefore, whether one is working on wood or metal, the tool gets heated up to the target temperature in 30 seconds. It has a temperature range of 400 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, along with a digital readout that helps one to set the precise temperature required for the project at hand.

Also, the temperature scale can be changed from Fahrenheit to Celsius. One just needs to follow the instructions given in the user manual. The wood and metal crafter has a slim design that allows the user to hold it like a pen. This micro-ergonomic design makes the Makerx wood and metal crafting tool easier to hold and manoeuvre.

The engineers at Worx Makerx have carefully designed this tool and have paid special attention to user safety to prevent any kind of accident. The wood and metal crafter tool has a special feature where if the tool is not moved for 5 minutes, the temperature drops on its own to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and if the tool is not moved for another 10 minutes, the tool switches off altogether. This feature helps to prevent any kind of accident in case one forgets to turn off the tool while working.

The Worx Makerx wood and metal crafter comes with all the necessary accessories required for wood and metal modes. It consists of a total of 12 accessories which include ten interchangeable tips- 6 assorted wood-burning tips and four soldering tips, a silicone comfort sleeve, and a cradle stand for storing the tool when they are hot to protect the work surface. Apart from the tips that come with the tool, other soldering and wood-burning tips can also be used with this tool.

It is a perfect tool for intricate and complex wood-burning projects, etching brand signs on wooden or metal boxes. Other than wood and metalwork, it can also be used for decorating and customising leather goods, jewellery making, metal crafting, etc. It can also be used for specialized applications like cutting and sealing synthetic rope, repairing and splicing broken wires, and also soldering a motherboard.



The Worx Makerx wood and metal crafter is an advanced system of tools that offers ease to wood-burning, metal crafting, and DIY projects. It heats up in under 30 seconds with a temperature range of 400-900°F and a digital temperature read for precise temperature setting. The Makerx Hub powers the tool with 20V power share batteries, making it portable. The tool comes with necessary accessories, including interchangeable tips. Its slim and micro-ergonomic design allows for easy handling, and it has an auto-off feature after 10 minutes of inactivity.


Therefore, if you are looking for an advanced and portable wood-burning tool, the Worx Makerx wood and metal crafter is the best choice. It is perfect for people who like to work on intricate wood-burning projects, metal crafting, jewellery making, and technical work that involves repairing and sealing wires and soldering an entire motherboard. So, when you are to undertake such projects which require precise and fine work, this will truly be ideal for an impeccable finish.

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